Sunday, June 27, 2004

My Blog Sucks

I just can't get into this blog writing thing. It's just too damned time consuming to say what I want.

So for now, I'll show you why I think Ron Livingston looks like Bob Hope. Isn't that so fucking crazy! I am sure that the news people will pick up this hot tidbit soon and it will be a wild mania out there about this. Nuts! Who would ever think it- Ron Livingston looks kinda like Bob Hope!

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Overheard today

Walking down Washington St in Hoboken tonight, I overheard these young black dudes sitting on a bench. One was standing up and yelling to the other,
"I ain't fuckin drunk! I ain't drunk dude, I can fucking walk! I am not drunk, I CAN FUCKING WALK!"

Sunday, June 20, 2004

The Bush Problem

Ok- so you know what's so wrong about this whole Bush presidency and the Iraq War? SO MUCH I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN! And now we've been cocky Americans, and destroyed our relationship with all foreign nations- even our friend England is punished for sticking by us- and they should- because yes we are America- and we are a great nation- but we are not fucking perfect!!! It's impossible! Of course we are flawed- every nation is- and when we make a mistake- like if a man cheats on his woman- you have to fucking own up to it!! It's just crazy- patriotism is like staying stand by your man no matter what.

So anyway- as a result of our inability to admit that we aren't perfect- we have made grave mistakes- and this presidency allows people to fuck up and get away with it (Enron and so much more)- there is the prison torture- and that's exactly why there's all these hostages now.

We just can't go around acting like we live by a higher moral code and fight for freedom when it isn't true. If you are an American, it's because you are lucky enough to be born here, or you were able to get here some how. If all Americans were great there'd be no prisons. Our soldiers aren't perfect, and they aren't all heros. I don't doubt for a second that some people join the military because they have empty lives and they want to be in a position where people automatically look up to them- and believe me- I am greatful for the good guys out there in the military protecting me- but it's an odd thing to be greatful for. I wish that I didn't need people to risk their lives to protect me from other people who fuck up. And it's just so crazy that our world leaders are so willing to put our men and women on the line for their inability to run a country.

And yet- people voted for Bush. They put him in the position to send their kid off to war. And believe me- it didn't need to happen. If we just focused on getting Al Queda and Osama- maybe we wouldve been successful by now instead of wasting resources and lives fighting a war that can never be won! There will always be 3rd world countries- and until the wealth spreads out a little more and these cultures have their own revolutions- they will always be 3rd world countries and we can't force them into having freedom and safety. Nobody forced America into it- America did it for itself- and that's the only way to do it.

Oh man I could go on forever. But seriously- politics matter- the decisions leaders make matter- and after witnessing these past years and seeing people apathetic to it- arg!

And I want to hold a political office one day- mostly because I just don't care about being bribed and having lots of power- I just really want to solve people's problems and help make things better- and all I really think it takes is being honest, hardworking, and most importantly- you have to have no self-confidence issues so that someone could attack your weeknesses (by that I mean needs for money or power or something like that) and bribe you-
anyhow- I know I could hold a position in office with all the right intentions and all of the right abilities- BUT I don't have what it takes to be elected- especially not in Hoboken because I am not Italian- this is all because I don't have the right connections- I don't have a trust fund like Mr. Bush or an oil field- or a rich family like Freylinghuysen, Kennedy, Rockafeller, Clinton, whoever- and people want that and people vote for that. WHY!

But I'll try anyway- cause I complain to much- and people can't complain about this stuff if they have no intention of doing anything about it. So we'll see where I am in few years. Hopefully I'll be some unpaid assemblywoman/ counselman or something and I'll have to deal with people who are full of crap just to get some school board to fund an art class . . .

Ok goodnight.

Friday, June 18, 2004

Monday, June 14, 2004

A plus side to moving in with my dude; and the homeless

I got a new apartment in Hoboken and I've been furniture shopping online to take my mind off of some shit in my life lately. Plus I am excited to make the place look really cool. So- I was looking at and there was this really cool looking stool, and then I thought- wait a sec, I won't need that. I won't ever be isolated from stuff up high so long as we live together. No more crawling on countertops. Brian is 6'5". How nice.

A picture of my boyfriend, Brian.

And oh yeah, so I was at A and P buying some hot dogs cause I wanted hot dawgzz ->
and there was this sort of poor looking high school girl and she was a dollar short on line in front of me, and so I was like- I am gonna give her a dollar, cause it doesn't hurt me and it would probably just make her feel good. So I give her a dollar, hoping to be helpful to somebody- and then I realized what she was buying. She was buying self-tanner. Eight dollar self-tanner. And then I felt like I really sucked. I gave this stupid high school girl extra money to buy something that doesnt work and is gonna look like shit on her- when I frequently ignore the homeless- who could get some food. Nice job Heather- I can't even give away money right. I am never going to be a teen model.

And I can't wait to get a kitty in August. Brian and I decided we were gonna name him Mr. Roboto. And so I was thinking out how the kitty will have to poop in the apartment and so I looked at litter boxes online. There's crazy crazy litter boxes out there. I thought people should know about that. Check out

God I hate my life right now. Perhaps I will explain why in another entry. But you know, furniture shopping is doing agood job distracting me. That and new SIX FEET UNDER episodes!!! BEST TV SHOW EVER EVER EVERRRRRR. The most real and personal show ever made. The acting is so unbelievable too. Whole cast. I can't wait to see Peter Krause in this new play he is in on Broadway.

Ok, goodnight.


I seriously have a fucking disease where I can't remember to turn on Adult Swim at the right time. Rather than getting my juicy beloved Sealab 2021, Brak Show, Space Ghost, Aqua Teen Hunger Force or Home Movies, by the time I remember to change the channel it's always godawful Cowboy Bebop, or Harvey Birdman, or something else that sucks. And then I am sad.

Damn Cartoon Network Bastards. Everyone one loves adult swim. Give the shows better hours- like at least 10pm or some shiiiiiit.

Here is a picture of my biological father.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

No Original Thought . . .

"I made a thought in my brain!"

Ok, so very frequently you hear people make decent points or say things that are so completely unoriginal- you wonder if everyone is reading the same script of life over and over again.

Like when people say, "If we live in fear, the terrorists will win. What we need to do is send a message by moving on with our lives, blah blah blah."

Good point.

But when you say it like it's this novel great idea that you thought up- it irritates me. And oh yeah- I've heard people say it about a million times. Seriously, I think most Americans are thinking the some crock of repeating rhetoric at the same time on a fairly frequent basis. Or maybe this is all one big movie looping bits of sound over the different video clips . . . that may be it. If you want evidence visit your local bar- or just talk to a member of the opposite sex. Same BS and nonsense over and over again- but then I must know things aren't repeating- because I come up with new and different ways to pretend I'm interested. The same way I feel when I listen to people make certain points in class . . . god I talk so much shit about other people in my head . . . meow.

AH but then I walk outside, and see the beautiful architecture of this old town of Hoboken. And then I remember that if not now, somewhere, sometime, people have beautiful, original thoughts.

Time to go shop with my mom for a cool coffee table.