Sunday, June 13, 2004

No Original Thought . . .

"I made a thought in my brain!"

Ok, so very frequently you hear people make decent points or say things that are so completely unoriginal- you wonder if everyone is reading the same script of life over and over again.

Like when people say, "If we live in fear, the terrorists will win. What we need to do is send a message by moving on with our lives, blah blah blah."

Good point.

But when you say it like it's this novel great idea that you thought up- it irritates me. And oh yeah- I've heard people say it about a million times. Seriously, I think most Americans are thinking the some crock of repeating rhetoric at the same time on a fairly frequent basis. Or maybe this is all one big movie looping bits of sound over the different video clips . . . that may be it. If you want evidence visit your local bar- or just talk to a member of the opposite sex. Same BS and nonsense over and over again- but then I must know things aren't repeating- because I come up with new and different ways to pretend I'm interested. The same way I feel when I listen to people make certain points in class . . . god I talk so much shit about other people in my head . . . meow.

AH but then I walk outside, and see the beautiful architecture of this old town of Hoboken. And then I remember that if not now, somewhere, sometime, people have beautiful, original thoughts.

Time to go shop with my mom for a cool coffee table.

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