Monday, June 14, 2004

A plus side to moving in with my dude; and the homeless

I got a new apartment in Hoboken and I've been furniture shopping online to take my mind off of some shit in my life lately. Plus I am excited to make the place look really cool. So- I was looking at and there was this really cool looking stool, and then I thought- wait a sec, I won't need that. I won't ever be isolated from stuff up high so long as we live together. No more crawling on countertops. Brian is 6'5". How nice.

A picture of my boyfriend, Brian.

And oh yeah, so I was at A and P buying some hot dogs cause I wanted hot dawgzz ->
and there was this sort of poor looking high school girl and she was a dollar short on line in front of me, and so I was like- I am gonna give her a dollar, cause it doesn't hurt me and it would probably just make her feel good. So I give her a dollar, hoping to be helpful to somebody- and then I realized what she was buying. She was buying self-tanner. Eight dollar self-tanner. And then I felt like I really sucked. I gave this stupid high school girl extra money to buy something that doesnt work and is gonna look like shit on her- when I frequently ignore the homeless- who could get some food. Nice job Heather- I can't even give away money right. I am never going to be a teen model.

And I can't wait to get a kitty in August. Brian and I decided we were gonna name him Mr. Roboto. And so I was thinking out how the kitty will have to poop in the apartment and so I looked at litter boxes online. There's crazy crazy litter boxes out there. I thought people should know about that. Check out

God I hate my life right now. Perhaps I will explain why in another entry. But you know, furniture shopping is doing agood job distracting me. That and new SIX FEET UNDER episodes!!! BEST TV SHOW EVER EVER EVERRRRRR. The most real and personal show ever made. The acting is so unbelievable too. Whole cast. I can't wait to see Peter Krause in this new play he is in on Broadway.

Ok, goodnight.

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