Thursday, July 15, 2004

Being the bigger person is overrated

And now, for my pleasure if not yours, The Top Ten Reasons why I should be happy that we broke up, and why no woman would ever be happy with him.

OK- So I had posted them here, but later decided it wasn't right- for those of you who already read them, it's all true baby. All true.

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Anonymous said...

Favorite part is
"Ok so you know how "extra" gum just lasts and lasts? Well lets just say that he is a lot more like one of those gumballs at the gumball machine. A few seconds and its all gone. Oh yeah, and there's no second go at it- its just, well, over. And boring too. What kind of man do you actually have to convince try try it "in the style of the dogs" if you know what I mean! This man. I had to actually talk him into trying it. Insanity."