Friday, July 23, 2004

Celeb World

Oh yeah, so it is the norm to see celebs around town in these here parts of Manhattan. I saw my first since working here yesterday on the street.. It was this guy:

"CT" from the Real World Paris- the weird one who likes punching. He looked really hot, like hotter than on TV. Most celebs look less hot in person, like Edward Norton who looks kinda gay and Paul Rudd who looks kinda chubby.

And I was looking through some contact info for different companies while at work. The contact names at Tarantino's company are Mr. White and Mr. Brown. Cute Mr. Tarantino. Real Cute.

Oh but then I wonder if he has a themed work environment. I don't doubt that there's a general sense of bloodiness in the office. And his only offices are in Cali, none in NYC. I always figured he was a bit New Yorky but I guess he's a flashy fella as well. Cali makes sense.

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twenty something said...

Hey Heather,
Just found your blog today and I couldn't help but read almost all your posts. I love your honesty.

And by the way, I happened to go to high school with Adam from Real World Paris here in LA. And he also isnt anything like he was on the show...