Monday, July 12, 2004

I hate him

I hate him. I really do. He really has an amazing capacity for cruelty, meanness, and he's a freakin jerk. Yes, he is definately a mean person. And he isn't really sorry and I won't buy that. He is pathetic.

But, I found a new roommate, Palwasha, a really awesome girl, one of the few fun ones from law school, so there's some light at the end of the tunnel. And I can still get a kitty cause she wants one too. Happy. I looked at kitties this weekend cause I was depressed and I found this sweety who was very snuggly and soft- but this girl had already started filing out paperwork for it. I guess he just wasn't the one. Alas there will be others . . .

And I recently weighed myself- I lost 10 pounds. Yay.

And I had a really awesome job interview that went really well for a job I really want and hope I get at

And I need this light at the end of the tunnel. After all, I just got kicked out of law school without actually failing a single class and getting one D the entire time, and my dad is getting sued, and I got dumped, and I loved him so very much, and all I did that was really important at work today was get my boss some coffee and it was bad coffee and he asked me to get him another cup.

Oh yeah, and he told me he thought I was irritating to talk to. But then he also said he liked spending time with me because I am funny and fun to be around. For better or worse? He stopped liking me after he saw my family too I think, there's a lot of aruing there, and he has no interest in being supportive when I need it cause I have had a hard time with my family especiallt with the stress of law school.

He just wants someone perfect and he's never going to get it. What a waste of a cute face. But fuck that premature ejaculating peice of crap and his boring sex. And fuck his boring conversations and his inability to see past the end of his nose.

Ugly breakup number one for me. I much prefer my former friendly breakup.

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Anonymous said...

did you say you got kicked out of law school? everything okay?