Monday, July 26, 2004

Lovely Afternoon

God damn is it a beautiful day. Feels about high 70s- low 80s, sunny, warm, not humid. Just plain pleasant. And it's nearly unbearable how pretty SoHo is. I never spent enough time down here.

And MoveOn and DNC put out a kick ass CD to raise money for Kerry in 2004.

Track Listing:

OK Go : This Will Be Our Year
David Byrne : Ain't Got So Far To Go
Jimmy Eat World : Game of Pricks (BBC evening session)
Death Cab For Cutie : This Temporary Life
Blink-182 : I Miss You (James Guthrie mix)
Mike Doughty : Move On
Ben Kweller : Jerry Falwell Destroyed Earth
Sleater-Kinney : Off With Your Head
R.E.M. : Final Straw (MoveOn mix)
Bright Eyes : Going for the Gold (live)
The Long Winters : The Commander Thinks Aloud (future mix) of The Black Eyed Peas : Money
They Might Be Giants : Tippecanoe And Tyler Too
Clem Snide : The Ballad of David Icke
Yeah Yeah Yeahs : Date With the Night (live)
Fountains of Wayne : Everything's Ruined (acoustic)
Nada Surf : Your Legs Grow
The Flaming Lips : Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots (live on the BBC)
Old 97's : Northern Line
Laura Cantrell : Sam Stone
Tom Waits : Day After Tomorrow
Elliott Smith : A Distorted Reality Is Now A Necessity To Be Free

Buy it here:

Kicks ass doesn't it now?

Right now I am in the mood for a cowboy. An urban cowboy, not Travolta, but maybe that guy from Joe Millionaire 2, in Manhattan, thus urbanizing him.

Oh yes, and a little snippet from the internet- Squirrels defined as:
"furry little bitches that come at me when I try to get the paper"

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