Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Morning Walky Poo

Highlight of the morning walk:

I scratch an itch on the bottom of my bottom and turn behind me to see who has seen my scratching, and there's a man who looks like an unattractive Vincent Gallo behind me walking with ferocity. He is saying firmly but quietly as he marches down West Houston "Fuck you. Oh fuck you you are an asshole. You fuck, fuck you . . ." not to me particularly, to everyone. And we walk past a church and he hawks a fat loogy on a Virgin Mary Statue and then another one on a statute of a priest, following with "Fuck you". And then soon after I see a homeless fat man in a wheelchair rolling himself down the middle of West Houston, a 3 lane busy street. Oh yeah, and there was a man with Down Syndrome in Pink Suit with the most cheerful disposition talking to his trash can. But he seemed happiest of all the characters I passed on my walk. Brilliant, as my man Huey G would say.

Oh yes and lets congratulate me. First morning in weeks without vomiting. Oh joy. And in last night's dream I wasn't with Brian anymore for the first time. Instead I dreamt that we were in the law school and in the center of the building was a series of big escalators and I saw him and tried to talk to him and he pushed me down them. And then later there were lots of people and he started a fight with some Stone Cold Steve Austin look alike and got his ass beat. And I kind of followed him through the building and then he was hooking up with all these slutty girls. And then later on in the dream I had me some sex with this hot guy I know and haven't talked to in a while. Perhaps I should call him cause he was really good. Not that I shall be shacking up any time soon, I don't think. On the one hand I hate all men to a certain extent and on the other hand I haven't gotten any since May. Fuck him! And it's been about a year and a half since I had me a male model. I like those.

And speaking of Vincent Gallo, I have always found him extremely hot, even though he is also very spooky, but I like Trent Reznor too. What do you think? He's got this moive "Brown Bunny" coming to the US in August, and Ebert said it was the worst thing ever made, but I saw "Buffalo 66" and loved it very much. And he also directed Jay Z's latest video which I think kicks ass. He's in the video for a second too.
Here he is
Do you like?


Anonymous said...

dont you have down syndrome???

Anonymous said...

Yes, I do. But I have always been proud of what I have been able to accomplish in the world with my down syndrome. One small dream at a time.