Friday, July 30, 2004

Oh yeah

And oh yeah, so my family planned a week down the shore this past spring, and we picked a week so that Brian can come too. And he's not coming of course, and of course my friends could come if it's a different week- but we planned it so that Brian could come with us- so if anyone wants to come there's a spot open on the weekdays Aug 16-20 and possibly the weekends too. Email me or hit me up with a comment about it- Heather.


Anonymous said...

You need a freekin life HEATHER....Heather the feather....stinky heather...ugly ugly sad heather. .... I love you. Get over Brian or else.... LETS DANCE!!!!
Dont you have to much time on your hands? While you still have hands.
I wrote a song for you:

Heather is a feather
a feather she is.

and when she shakes her goes UGLY HEATHER

I love Heather...NO I DONT



Anonymous said...

Dude- that is a seriously good point. Well put. And you've illustrated a point I tried to make earlier in a previous post. People have an outstanding capacity for cruelty. Good timing on the insults. I think its a very good idea to put someone down when they feel like shit. I also think its noble to come to someone else's blog who puts themself out there for the sheer purpose of getting things of her chest and hopefully serving to relate to other people who have gone through the same thing. And it's lovely how you posted anonymously. That takes a lot of balls. Congratulations on taking the time out to read my thoughts and then after reading them attempting to make me feel like shit for doing it.

And dude, I got made fun of as a kid, and someone making fun of me hasn't made me feel bad since 7th grade. But I still find it shocking when someone acts like a total fucking retard. As you can see from this blog, very different things make me feel bad. It's just really pathetic of you to come here and post something like that. But perhaps you are 12 years old and lack genitals, in which case, I understand why you would say something like that.

Anonymous said...

Dude- I just thought about it. I think I know EXACTLY who this is. This is so RICCIARDI! Ricciardi you are an ass. And anyone who knows who I am talking about- that is so obviously Ricciardi- right? You're weird, and coming from me, that can't be good.- Heather

Anonymous said...

Heather, dont fret... there are those of us out there who think you are a hottie!