Thursday, July 22, 2004


Well, I have lost so much weight that this is how my pants fit me now. I took that picture of myself yesterday, and I don't mean to brag- but don't I look good?

I am going home this weekend and I plan to tear out my semi-slutty high school clothes and toss some on. I wouldn't say they were really slutty- but I did actually wear skirts and short shorts back in the day. Sometimes- only sometimes- a tasteful crop top would come out as well. And fuck it I might as well wear it while the bod is here. I started eating normal about 2 days ago so I started exercising again. I also plan to go to the beach without wearing shorts over the bikini for the first time in years cause the ghetto booty has been slightly tamed.

And yeah I still wake up in the morning after dreaming about him, and like clockwork I puke in the morning. But, I just give it an hour and I feel ok. It's so weird cause I wasn't doing this until after I found out about the cheating. I hear from friends that cheating makes you puke. Hell if I knew I could get it done this way I wouldn't have drank so much all them years! So yeah- for all of those people out there who are dying to puke every morning- try being cheated on/left for a dumb fucking high schooler- works like a charm.


Anonymous said...

Eating disorder??? Be careful....

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I would like to stop puking as soon as possible. Fortunately it's been mostly dry heeves lately- so that means I get to keep the food I eat. Isn't that special? I am just happy cause I lost all this weight, and as I start to eat normally again I think it's going to be much easier to keep it off. I've ALWAYS been an eater. Ask anyone who knows me- so I don't anticipate any problems. Just that now that I got it off- the exercise and moderate eating I think can keep it off.

So that's what I'm happy about.