Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Pretty little internet

So I was looking at fun stuff on the net, getting very into imdb and stuff like that (why yes I do have some downtime at work and a fast internet connection), and I was looking at directors. Vincent Gallo didn't direct Jay Z's latest video- it was Mark Romanek, who has a really cool website and a great links list chock full o neat stuff, from which I found the above graphic.

http://www.markromanek.com/links.html (the best links ever- including Roger Avery's blog.  How cool)
He's directed tons of videos, take a look at the page of stuff he's done. And I looked at David LaChappelle's stuff too. Don't ask why. But he puts lots of boobies in all his stuff. Here's his stuff:
dave's site but it's cool looking.

And the more I think about it the more I am infatuated with Vincent Gallo, as stupid of a celebrity that he may be at times, he's insanely sexy I think. I am looking forward to seeing the scene in "Brown Bunny" where Chloe Sevigny and Vincent engage in some fellating. Woo hoo for that.

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