Wednesday, July 14, 2004

There's a little bit of Happy up in here . . .

I have really come to accept and be happy that I am not returning to law school.

But I don't regret going- maybe to Seton Hall Law School in particular, but maybe it's good it was so bad cause I got out before it was all over! I don't regret it because I had to do it. I wanted to for so long. What I thought law school was going to be like is dramatically different from what it was like. What I had expected was something I would have enjoyed- but hell, I came from George Washington University after majoring in Philosophy. I loved all of my classes there. They were absolutely great and I loved being there. I think I expected I would be immersed in a higher level of thought and analysis in my law classes, and law school just isn't conducive to thinking. FYI, law school is simply learning the law, and stripping down a case to whatever the law says it is- and no matter what they tell you- there is only one right answer and only one winning verdict.

Anyhow, I had to get it out of my system. I wanted to be sure in life that I strived to be the best thing that I could be, and going to law school seemed like an important part in that process- but I don't need it to be me and to become what I want and need to become. I know that now and I didn't know it before.

And thank god I have many other passions in life. Now that I know there are a decent amount of entry level positions at film/tv production companies in New York City, I am really excited. I like that whole feild especially because it is really dependant on your skills and work experience and not your education. A masters in film actually doesn't mean all that much, or so I've been told. Plus it's creative! Which is my forte! The whole industry is a great mix of business and creativity. I know it has its evil side too- but I still feel really excited to be moving in this direction.

So I have divorced myself from any legal ambitions- but not from politics of course. The one and only thing I did love in law school was thinking about the way that laws are written, and I would love to be a law maker in Congress and write the laws. But hell, many great politicians are not lawyers and somewhere down the line I hope to be a part of it all.

Yes, I hated law school. It breeds misery. I am glad not to have to go back there anymore!

A picture of the entrance to the school- very Prison meets Minority Report- don't you think?

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