Friday, July 23, 2004

Tri-State Dismantling- How can I help you?

So, today I am going after work to my blind date audition. They are filming the part of the show where you talk about yourself before you go on they date. I don't know if I will be on the show yet, but they just film that part. I am supposed to dress sexy- and not wear a white, red, black, or blue shirt. So that was a bit challenging. I have like 10 "sexy shirts" and then about 3 shirts not any of those colors, and then one that still fits. So that one shirt better be good enough, or else I am going to hit people in their arms for two hours straight. Not out of frustration- it's really not that frustrating- just because.

Oh yes, and since I am going to start shooting comedy sketches again, all of my peoples with a desire to act, or to contribute funny ideas, let me know because I am going to start soon- and I want to know who wants a peice of the action. Hit me up with an email or comment if you want to participate.

And as I walked into work I saw a truck that said "Tri-state Dismantling Company" on the side. Now THERE's a job for me! What a dream job to dismantle for the Tri-State Area!
"Hi, I'm Heather Fink, I am here to dismantle."
"Oh great, thank goodness you have arrived, we have been needing dismantling for a long time. Please go to the back, we have a computer and mid-sized noctural mammal that need to be dismantled ASAP."
"I'm right on it, sir, or mam, what gender are you?"
"Oh that's funny you should ask! I get asked that all the time! Well you see, I am a woman, but I am rather masculine."
"Ok, I have to get to the dismantling. Nice meeting you. Here's my number"
Or at least I imagine my daily job to go something like that.

Oh yes.

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