Thursday, July 15, 2004

The very best boss.

So today is my last day at work, and my boss Frank ( has become like a best friend over time. I actually talk to him about personal stuff and he talks to me. I definately don't expect to come across a boss like that again- but you never know. I am only leaving because I do not want to work in law anymore.

But he said to me today, "Heather, I am so excited for you, I know you were upset before, but what I think is happening is the best week of your life! You are going to look back and see that this was the week where your life changed for the good and you left all the negative crap behind! And look at you- you have this exciting job ahead of you, you will meet all these exciting new people, and Brian is stuck in the same place, in Newark."

Indeed. And the new people at all these jobs I have been interviewing at, are almost all pretty hot. Nice bonus.

And while I have this Production Assistant job for 6 weeks, I have a follow up interview for a permanent position as an Office Manager at a SoHo television/movie production company on Wednesday.

Now this is what I love. This is life and I am living it.

Don't let the bastards get you down! And better yet, fuck em!

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