Tuesday, August 03, 2004

And I started adding links too!

Yo wassup you lovely peoples.

So, about the terror alerts- yeah they hit close to home. There's a warning out on where I used to live, where I used to go to school, and now where I currently work. I imagine that this can only mean one thing. Al queda wants my stash. I used to subscribe to Newsweek. When I was like 12 my dad told me to save this one Newsweek with Jackie O on the cover cause it was worth something, so then I got this idea that I should save all Newsweeks. And so I did and they live in a basement at a secret location unbeknownst to anyone. But I think that "they" know. I mean the World Bank in DC is like one block from my old dorm, and the Prudential Building in Newark is right near the ol law school, and then of course I am in Manhattan now. They want my stash but they'll have to take me alive to get it. Viva la columbia!

Anyhow, Hoboken and NYC is littered with extra police. I saw my first midget cop yesterday. There is in fact a midget on the NYPD. I think that's ultra cool. Midgets don't typically have authority roles in society. Change is great. PS- I don't get why midgets want to be called little people. I think little people sounds like weird aliens or something. If I was a midget I think I would just be like, yo, fuck off, I am a midget. And there's also very very many hot cops. But I don't think I would ever want to date a cop for anything more than a week. Plus you can't even play with their handcuffs cause they are dirty and have criminal juice on them. It was neat seeing these 2 cops dressed like SWAT in the street in Hoboken. Hoboken just has this small quaint community feeling about it. I was used to seeing that in DC, but Hoboken? Aw well, I like seeing them very much. The thing I am most paranoid of is an attack on the PATH. Viva la policia!

Oh yes, and I am quite happy. I have been interviewing different people about collaborating on some upcoming sketch comedy projects, but I was recently reminded about an old acquaintence from
Justin. This person is one of the most talented comedy-video-makers my own age that I have met. I met him years ago(like 2001) when I lived in NYC for a summer and he showed me some of the videos he made and I was thoroughly impressed, and while discussions of collaboration had been suggested, we lived in different cities, so it never happened. But alas, he lives in the same city as I now. So as I interview different people, I am excited to know one other person with great talent and sense of humor- the most scarse of commodoties- but not so scarse in NYC actually. We shall be luncheoning on this day of today.

PS- there is something very creepy about tapwater that is brown. It's very Poltergeistish. Ack Poltergeist. It's so scary I can't fucking think about it without shivering me timbers.

Some people don't like the police. They must not see the ones I see that are 2 CUTE!!!

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