Friday, August 06, 2004

Another good night and a surprise in the morning

This morning I said hello to an old friend- my very first email account. I started college in '99, and before then I didn't have an email address- which I think was the norm at the time- it was also the first year that people started using Instant Messenger. Why I remember when I got my very first message, and I was like- what is this going on right here? SO anyway my first email account was the one the school gave me, and when I graduated they took it away. They gave me an alumni forwarding address, and I have that email forwarded to my yahoo account. Well, I just started recieving emails from my old address. For some weird reason my old email address works again and I can use my very first email. I opened it up- it's rather nice with some nice features not available in other email systems. I must really be too sentimental now, if I am feeling sentiment towards an email account. Bygons.

Moving forward, I had a lovely evening with a woman I had met some time back at a wedding I went to with my mom. The wedding was for one of my mom's colleagues, so I met some of her coworkers. I actually really got along with a few of them, espcially Ruth who is an ultracool woman living in the city. She's an artist, influenced by some of my favorites, Maxfeild Parish and Gerhard Richter. She offered to take me out to dinner, and I am going to make a website for her. Now Ruth reminded me of something I had learned a bit back when I engaged in some activities in DC with different Feminist groups like NOW and the Women's Leadership Forum. When I went to these events there were all of these older women there who were absolutely fascinating and fabulous with these intoxicating life stories full of adventure. Ruth is like these women. She just has such an interesting background of experiences, and more years and perspective which makes her stories richer, and it was really cool talking to her because she is single, and some elements of people's romantic lives are just plain universal no matter where you are in life. She once went to NYU film school among other things, and what I really enjoyed was her love of art and living it up in all different ways.

One thing she said to me really resonated- that it seemed with law school and Brian, these are two things I was really dedicated to, and I certainly wasn't going to give up on it. So the universe was all like, "Yo, Heather, no- cut this out- this isn't for you, and if you aren't going to give up on this path, we are gonna have to boot your ass out for you!" And that makes some sense. I mean, I was reluctant to pursue my creative interests because of the lack of financial security too, so now I have free license to dedicate myself to this path without regrets.

It's just really cool to meet people from different generations with the very same taste, like my last boss Frank- the other afternoon I stopped in the office and we watched Home Star Runner cartoons together- and Frank is a lawyer mind you. But he likes the White Stripes and Curb Your Enthusiasm and Kill Bill and Run Lola Run and Princess and the Warrior. And my new boss ordered this old Roman Polanski DVD, and when it comes in he wants me to take it home and watch it and I am going to lend him Princess and the Warrior.

PS- Have you tried MTV radio at Listen to the 100 greatest pop songs channel. It rules! And damn, sittin on the dock of the bay came on and I was groovin to it just like they did in that old "state" sketch.

The aforementioned artists:

Gerhard Richter (yes, this is done with paint and no photo)

also GR- and not a photo- it's paint. You should see his paintings of fire!

Maxfield Parrish- American Watercolor

and his most famous peice:

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