Monday, August 02, 2004


So in response to my latest annoying comment I decided to try and use haloscan's commenting system in my blog, but when I went to move the code for it, I accidentally deleted something and my dates n stuff are all messed up. I emailed blog support about so I guess it can get fixed soon. But anyway haloscan's comments work better and they dont autmatically make you annonymous.

And the highlight of my day since my last post was when my boss came from lunching at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill with treats for me. And let me tell you- cookies made by famous people are waaaaay better than cookies made by the non-famous.

But anyhow, back to being irritated. The number one thing irritating me is of course related to Brian- but its that he is so fucking emphatic about me knowing that he hasn't loved me for a long time now. Well that is so fucking retarded now isn't it considering everything! I mean- if he had any doubts and any problems- you would think he would've just talked to me about not moving in yet- or said no I don't want to move in with you- I mean that doesn't even involve breaking up. He is so stupid! DUH- yes- you would've said- I don't think we should move in yet- you definately would have. He keeps insisting that his breaking up with me had nothing to do with the new girl and everything to do with him not loving me anymore. He is such an ass and is just convincing himself of that because if he didn't believe it and believed the truth- that he's an asshole cheater and did love me- it would make him so collossally wrong he wouldn't know how to deal with it. But he is wrong and stupid. I mean obviously- he broke up with me about a week after his new romance started- DUH- so the timing says nothing- no the timing says everything! Why does he think I am fucking stupid! He's the one with the degree in hospitality management. Maybe if he learned something real in all those years about societies and people, and maybe read books rather than learn about what temperature food needs to be stored so it doesn't breed bacteria- he would have a fucking clue!

But anyhow- the very fact that he waited this long to say anything, and was so happy about us moving in together and was all about it for so long- I mean NOBODY moves in with someone or goes for that if they have doubts about a relationship or don't feel a hundred percent behind the idea. You have to be a total freakin dumb idiot to do that! I mean isn't that incredibly obvious??? I never had any plans to move in with anyone before him and same for him. We decided on it so quickly strictly because we liked eachother so much . . .

So no Brian- I don't believe you- I never will and why the fuck should I? You clearly forgot that I was the one with the brains in this former couple. When I caught you cheating and even named the Lolita you were cheating with you denied it and lied about it! You loved me and you fucked up and you are so stubborn you'll never admit it! So ACCEPT it, and join the ranks of the millions of men who are scumbag losers who screw women over when given the opportunity. You are weak and you are no more of a man than any of the juice-head-jersey-jocks who screw women over every day. The only difference between you and them is that you are shy and don't seek out the opportunity to be a sleaze, and you dress differently. But that's who you've become. You damned wolf in sheep's clothing. I hope that the world swallows you whole and eats you alive.