Tuesday, August 24, 2004

The Democrats 2000 "Escape from New York" event will be held 7 p.m., Monday, August 30 at Oddfellows Rest 80 River Street, Hoboken, N.J.
The event will be headlined by renowned cover band Parrotville.
Tickets can be purchased for $35 per person by calling (732) 496-7915 in advance. Tickets can also be reserved by emailing Democrats2000@aol.com or purchased at the door.

I think I'd like to go to this, and of course I'd like to promote it to those like minded peoples who might be interested (and don't forget about my lady Shayna's shirts- "Save the Trees, Not the Bushes, which she shall be selling at various locations in NYC- email me for more info on that, and you can get it at her website: www.shaynakulik.com.

So my battery died on my camera and I didn't get the Elimidate pics out of it yet, but- here's LBI- the most beautiful beaches in all of the land!

On a cloudy day . . .

That's us celebrating the man in the white hair's birthday. He's my mom's best friend's husband, and he's one of the best people I've ever met. He reminds me of Roberto Begnini and is most certainly the most optimistic man alive. We had the lobster and crab special feast. I really like feasting so this was a good thing. The young men at the table are the sons of my mom's best friend and their cousins. I grew up with these young men and they are the closest thing to brothers I've ever had. I actually didn't know that they were coming this year, so it was a nice surprise. We have been going to LBI every summer all together since I was like 11, and last year was the first year we didn't go. Anyhow, more photo fun:

Dara came with me the first day. We all met at this bar that had the worst cover band ever- who made every single fun hapy song into the boringest song in the world. And we were just about the only young people in there, and about 50 to 100 middle aged folks were kickin it. If you look harder you can see that I have an ultra cool glow-necklase headband on my head because I am rockin out. After that we left the bar and went to the boys' beach house and it was pouring out and Dara didn't want to have every one pile in the car because she didn't want to get pulled over. I am quite certain that they didn't like when we drove past them as they walked in the rain. But wet is good- no?

And the weather was good, it did rain a bit and get cloudy on most days, but every day we were able to get in some sun. The beach and bay are so healthy there. They really keep it clean, it's so nice. There were dolphins and porpises swimming in the ocean, and little baby purple clams all over crawling into the sand. And we ate lots of seafood. When my dad discovered that you could dig for fresh clams in the bay he started eating buckets of em every day. Oh yeah, and Matt caught tons n tons of crabs because in my opinion he is an expert crabberman. One especially cool thing was when we visited one of our parent's friends who has a majorly pimped out beach house in LBI on the bay. This house could totally be in "Cribs". It's on the bay with a hot tub on the roof, marble all over the damned place, cool sculptures, and of course the house's owner had two sons who made sure to keep a fresh kegger of Yuengling on tap at all times, cause ya never know when you are gonna need that.

The expert crabberman.

And I dare not forget the best part of the week when Joe talked on his cell phone.

I do have more fun pics, but I'll put em up later when I get new batteries for my stupid camera cause the rechargable ones aren't working. Grr.

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