Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Elimidate Update

Um, ok, so I am filming Elimidate on Thursday- August 19. And I am going to be coming up from the shore for it. It should be tons-o-fun. The guy on the phone that I talked to today was funny because he talked like he knew me because he saw my tape- which was like a half hour long of me talking. Apparantly the guy I am on the date with is super hot and tall and has some really cool job, but I wasn't supposed to be told what the job is because they want me to find out on the date, and he lives in the city. And they said I am probably going to have to wear a bathing suit for part of it- but hey- I just got a cute new bikini, I will have a tan by then, and I am in shape for the first time in years- so I'm cool with it. They said they wanted me for this date cause the guy wanted someone funny. Hmm, not bad, maybe he's actually datable. The guy on the phone said he was smart. Ah what the hell. This should be really fun!

It would be soooo funny to have a boyfriend via meeting him on a reality show, but that's not why I am doing it. I am doing it cause it should be a blast and I am in it to WIN! Oh yeah, and I get a "buddy" for the day who carries around my stuff and helps me get changed and everything. I like buddies.

PS- I asked why I can't be the girl with the guys competing over her. They said that the producers said they can't do those anymore because they get way worse ratings because the guys don't watch it. They like to see the girls competing over the guy. Duh! Apparantly they haven't filmed one of those all season.

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