Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Good Morning Vietnam

There is something perking me up today making me feel in much higher spirits, but sorry folks, it's a secret- why? Because it involves a person who may read my website . . . but otherwise I would tell ya (and no it has nothing to do with Brian).

I just ate some Indian leftovers, and seriously, there must be drugs or something in that food. Any tikka masala, butter chicken, vindaloo or curry is just so fucking good. I swear, that creamy sauce has opium in it or something because when I eat it I think my pupils dialate out of pure pleasure it's so good.

I seriously can't wait till I can move on from Brian cause I think my little girl hormones are getting kind of pissed off lately. They haven't been getting like any attention at all. If I could get surgery to remove my feelings for him, and it cost like thousands of dollars- I think I would get it. I absolutely despise how much I love him.

When a Sure thing turns into No thing, It's hard to believe that anything in life is more than a fairytale.

On another note, I do not like smoking cigarrettes, but I had one yesterday just for shits n giggles and drank a beer and the experience reminded me of my young high school days. I never smoked or was a smoker, but when I was about 14 my friends and I tried to sneak cigarettes, and I would get my hands on one and smoke one cause it seemed kind of cool. I remember hanging out with one of my friends behind a strip mall when she "taught" me how to smoke one, back in the day when the cool boys would be back there on their skateboards as the ladies sat on the sidewalk. Back in the day when we would get our hands on a beer and split it between three of us . . . Ah summer time . . .

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