Monday, August 30, 2004

Hot n Dirty Pics

Here's the 3 pics I took from Elimidate:

That's me and my "buddy", she's got a fancy headset on. I didnt get one of those, just a cool clippy mike that the guys on set kept reaching in my shirt to adjust. By the end of the day I got totally used to someone just grabbing at the thing in the back and in the front and moving it around, I dont even know how many of these fuckers touched my T and A. But it was strictly professional . . .

Here's some dudes backstage. There were like 20-50 people working on this thing.

Here's the date's arm. That's the guy I was supposed to cream over. He was into mutual funds.

That's the GW friend that visited this weekend as we stand in front of the NYC waterfront and City Bistro. Unfortunately everything in the picture is on fire, including us from the looks of it, but I think it looks cool.

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