Friday, August 06, 2004

It's a Bloggerific Day

Yeah, so I am on post number 3 and it's 3pm.

And yeah, so I have been paid a major compliment by a man named Keith. This is his webpage. He was walking in the streets in SoHo and he was staring at me and I thought it was kind of creepy, but he stopped me and was like, hey- would you be interested in modeling for me, and I noticed his nice camera, so I didn't totally blow him off. And he was like, it's not fashion photogrpahy, but art photography, and said he thought I had classical beauty. Classical beauty, eh? Take that Brian! I got me some classical beauty- do you have that? I think not! So anyway, I checked this webpage from his card he gave me. There's not much but it seems rather good.

But being a photography subject of a stranger is kinda weird to me because being photographed is kinda personal and can even be intimate, so I don't know. What would Jesus do?

And have you ever played with a P Touch label maker? It's a good thing.

And isn't this a strange fact: I have found a use for Brian's clothes. Since July I have for random reasons needed to provide men's clothing for borrowing to about 5 different house guests- in non-romantic situations. I reccommend to everyone to have a stash of boy clothes around. It really comes in handy. And I mean, I did his freakin laundry for him before all of this bullshit happened, so I feel entitled to make use of my efforts.

Ah well, the bosses are out for the day, the music is up high, I have my Jane magazine- my fave women's mag, and the weather is nice. Perhaps I will sit on the window ledge again. I sure wish the phone was closer to the window.

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