Monday, August 02, 2004

Lobster is Big on Cape Cod

I just got a phone call at work, "Hey, uh, who deals with live lobsters over there?"

"I am sorry sir, but no one deals with live lobsters here."

"But I thought that you guys dealt in Seafood there."

"No sir, this is a Commercial Film Production Company. We do not deal in seafood here."

"Yeah but I got you guys listed as dealing with lobsters and seafood."

"Nope. No lobsters here."

"Oh. Are you sure, I guess, well ok. Bye."

I find it quite lovely that I needed to reitterate myself, and that he had some shred of hope that by repeating his question, that we might need lobsters. But then again, I am new here. Perhaps I am wrong. Maybe I should call him back and order lobsters just in case. It can't hurt to have a few crawling about. It seemed like fun when they did that in Annie Hall.