Wednesday, August 04, 2004

New Adventure No. 587.9775

Man! Today has been busy. I can't freakin belive they are making me do lots of work all day! But it's alright, I can borrow a second for the ol bloggy-poo.

So I have been feeling more enriched lately, after work I had some time to kill before meeting with a friend so I explored SoHo and man is it a treat for the mind and senses. I am just surrounded by sensory overloads. I went to this neat
make-up store I had known about from some House Of Style Episode from back in 8th grade, and it's this super cool professional makeup store where the stuff is made from pure pigments and super crazy ass materials. And in the store were professional make up artists who do movies n stuff and it was cool listening to them talk about the tools of their trade. And then I explored some kick ass photography- this one place specializing in famous musicians from the past, and the apple store- which is a modern high tech gallery that is just plain beautiful. Then there's this neat toy store with vintage and rare toys, all kinds of places, and of course Anthropologie too- a store so filled with wonderful stuff I just blurted out to this sales guy "Oh my god there's so much great stuff here I think my mind is exploding." He smiled and said "I know." And then my last stop was a "tea workshop" called athelier and its a little zen like tea place where it's like the art of tea is amplified here. Weird, I know.


Back to New Adventure No. 587.9775. So I met up with
Jakob who moved to the city with his friends who own/run Collge Humor and Busted Tees with him. I like the tees better than the College Humor cause the tees are genuinely cute and rather good. However, as far as I gathered, the College Humor site is not created with what the owners think is funny, rather they cater to a specific brand of booby loving midwestern frat boy sensibility- and that's not my schtick- not to say I wouldn't mind having a few midwestern frat boys scattered about my apartment, I just don't think we share the same taste- not that I don't love boobies- I just don't love sleeze.

I don't know how to describe the evening's adventure, but it involved placing leftover food at the top of the trash so as to ease the pursuits of the homeless, a deep delve into the water filtration world, drinking "daddy water", his mission to "replace" Brian in a very in the style of
"The Net", a chance encounter with a gentle young man who had cool hair and was dropping out of film school to work for Micheal Moore and had actually heard about Samuel Beckett's films to my delight, lots-o-ball talk, and a deep interconnecting of Kelly Kapowski and the KKK. Oh yeah, the not-watching of "Thirteen" and of course more Ali G. Oh yes, and his requisite wearing of girl shorts. Needless to say it was an enjoyable melding of the minds and I am sure he will be quite useful as I develop my sketches.

I got me another meeting tonight with a Second Cityer who seems promising. So that should be nice, and I have a meeting with some one else for unrelated purposes tomorrow night in SoHo and I can't for the life of me pick a restaurant. Anyone got any suggestions? It's not a romantic meeting- if you recall I am not doing that. No dating- it's really weird, I'd rather just meet people in a natural and organic way, and develop attraction via something just popping up.

I am a little bit asexual lately and a little bit ultrasexual. On the one hand I have been checking guys out like crazy and having smut on the brain like all the time, but the idea of actually getting it on with anyone freaks me out and depresses me. It was shocking how much I thought about Brian when I kissed someone else. And for a little while now I have wanted nothing more than Brian and have been exclusively attached to the idea that he is my bottomless resource of "ass". But even if I could get it now, and even if I am plagued with wanting it at least a little, I actually feel a little vomitacious when I think about actually kissing that bag of shit, or crapbag if you will.

Ah well, in the meantime I will distract myself and be a little japalicious as I indulge in some superficial shopping.

Too bad it was busy today. I want to improve on my dancing, swirling, and run-slide on the slippery wood floor techniques. Speaking of techniques, did you know about this?
My New Fighting Technique Is Unstoppable. Read the comics.

Have I lost you? I didn't mean to. I hope to find you, actually.

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DeAnn said...

If your goal is to make me want to move to NYC, you've succeeded.