Saturday, August 28, 2004

Saturday, Partly Hazy Skies, Chance of Possessed Marshmellow Lava Goop 30 %

I'm sittin at Panera right now, enjoying some iced green tea and a shady outdoor table. I am hoping that after I finish up writing this, I'll actually get starting finishing up that sitcom, or at least ripping out a rough draft. Last night was good because I had good company. When ever I hang out with the person I was chillin with last night I always feel my silliest. Some people just bring out the best in ya. We went to city bistro, which is a beautiful bar with outrageous views of the city and water from the roof bar. And then saw some GW buddies at a little get together in the city after. And we walked past MSG and it was so crazy all the coppers and security every where for the convention. The city has gone bloody mad. All of the weird lighting, emptiness of the city (it was like 4 am) and metal barriers and heavily armed police- it reminded me of how it looked when the stay puft marshmellow man came to new york city.

*OH MY GOD, a man just walked by with a little baby kitty on his shoulder. Yay kitty kitty.*

So this morning after my buddy left I just chilled out on the pier in Hoboken getting some sun and watching the cruise ships sail by like moving buildings with non-moving buildings in the background. It's really freakin nice outside right now.
I am definately in one of those modes where I have so much to do I don't even know where to begin. I think thats probably the best time to just do nothing. Mmkokay. I already decided to stay in Hoboken for my evening festivities, hope to make it out next Saturday to LBI again, gotta start slowly on the PhD path, readin some info on the GRE n stuff . . .

Dude, seriously, like watch out, cuz there's something standing behind you . . .

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