Thursday, August 12, 2004

Take it Budweiser, TAKE IT YOU LITTLE TRAMP!

DIY Frat Boy Triathlon: Darts, Pool, ChuggingWhat: It's not like you haven't been training for years.Why: Sigma Chi forever, man!When: All niiight looong.Where: Ship of Fools, 1590 Second Ave., b/t 82nd and 83rd Sts. (212-570-2651).

Wow, a fake frat party at a bar? I think I can groove to that. That's a pretty sweet idea. Perhaps I shall copy that theme for my next party. Unfortunately I will not be available for this event- but if I were- I would get crrraaazay. I have found upon going out lately that I have a bit of an attitude goin on. Now I have always been a good deal "I don't give a fuck", at least of what othersa are thinking, and I most certainly don't give a fuck about embarrassing myself or acting like a silly nincompoop- but the "fuck it" mantra has been pulsating through my mind so much more than usual. And I make the beer my bitch. I take it into submission and down it like a 15 year old at her first keg party. Not to say that I drink a lot of them, I am a poontang when it comes to that. It's just that when I take that unknowing glass into my hands I devour it like the peice of shit it is. Perhaps its my sexual frustration manifested. Perhaps I just find going out so fucking boring sometimes that I entertain myself with beer domination fantasies.

But ya know what I really love? It's meeting up with people after work to get food n drinks. It's just so fucking relaxing, you can sit down, unwind, often times on a nice lil terrace, and enjoy wherever you are at a whole lot more. I guess I am not really in the right "place" to enjoy bars. I could give 2 shits about meeting guys, and I just feel so fucking sad right now in my very core, I just don't expect to be able to brush that off and toss it out.

In other news I found a theatre space in Hoboken for my new untitled Hoboken Comedy Project. There's really only like 2 theatre spaces in Hoboken, and this one place is in an amazing historical theatre, and it normally costs lots o money to use, but I talked with the guy working out a "deal" which involves us donating proceeds of show money to charity and me possibly teaching some improv classes without getting paid for it, and we can get our hands on weekly rehearsal space. Not a bad start- eh? PS- the students at Stevens, a tech college, are hot (and many are older students and grad students FYI- so I'm not a super perv into college freshman). It was really great talking to the theatre manager cause he kind of gave me a time frame- as in what times of year we could put on a show- so that'll motivate me to get my shit together.

Come to me so that I may take you into submission . . .

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