Thursday, August 12, 2004

To the Finest Parkway in all the lands.

Garden State Parkway, soon we will be one, with your Cheesequakian rest stop, bright Digital Billboard for the former Garden State Arts Center, now bearing the name of the PNC Bank, your miles of wooden trees, endless tolls every mile, little marshy waterways, and two lane stretches where each and every beach bound jersian rides each other's asses as one motherfucker in a minivan drives 50mph in the left lane. Garden State Parkway, how I love that your exit numbers sometimes skip, so that exit 53 seems not sooo far. Garden State parkway with your Veterans Memorial stop displayed for us on a lovely brown sign, calling to us "hey you, driving to the beach, don't forget about the veterans, perhaps you will take a break and look at our memorial", Garden State Parkway, you lovely sole, I remember pulling over to puke on your grassy medians, upon driving back from a prom weekend, Garden State Parkway, you take me to the Stone Pony in Asbury Park where I can see punk bands and ska bands, Garden State parkway, full of state troopers aplenty, thank you for connecting my little suburbia and my new Hoboken to happy beaches, so that I may get a tan and show off the belly ring that I got on my 18th birthday. See ya this weekend kiddo.

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