Sunday, August 29, 2004

Wa Wa Wee Wa (An Unrelated Borat Reference)

I actually just saw Robocop in its entirety for the first time today. It's so wonderful, on par with movies like Running Man and Terminator I think, I loved discovering a movie like that nowaday. I admire movies like Predator and Terminator 2 as these intense reflective Scifi movies that speak of a fear and a voice from the 80's/ early 90s that people had about the future. There's a whole different tone to SciFi flicks from that time that I even see in early Batman movies. The darkness, desperation, human struggle, and lots of all around cool and fun shit. I don't see the same kind of voice in new scifi movies and I think its largely related to a change in American cinema- mostly the undeniably strong influence of commercialism and our new inability to push out that influence. The only really fresh and unique voice in new SciFi was something I saw in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and I think this generation has the potential to turn out more SciFi with that humanist touch which is exactly characteristic of what today's movie makers are offering in all genres- I am speaking in the vain of the Jason Shwartzmanish, Napolean Dynamitish, Bill Murray, A Dirty Shame, Garden State, Arrested Development, Six Feet Under, Scarlett Johansson movie world that this decade is ripping out- that Vincent Gallo just finally fits in.

PS, the director of Robocop, Paul Verhoeven, is Dutch. Yes indeed. Hup Holland mothafucka.

If you haven't seen Robocop, its more awesome than one might expect.

And goddamn Garden State was good, and its predictable ending was ok for me because I don't see it as a plot driven movie, and either way a traditional ending speaks to things we might brush off as mundane actually not being mundane.

It was great staying in Hoboken most of the weekend. I so dread the madness of the convention that I have to face going to work this week. New York City is too hot and crowded for this stuff, unlike DC where there's massive feilds and wide streets. It's so peaceful on this side of the water as the madness burns on the city streets. But then again its nice seeing political ferver again. After the 2000 election a lot of the people I campaigned with were pretty disenfranchised for a while. We all really threw ourselves into that campaign and I am stepping back this time around. I think if I allowed myself to get as passionate about politics as I used to be, I would just get so frazzled cause what's at stake now is so much more intense and so much more personal for our people. Anyhow, fun enough I bumped into someone cool, who was on the board of the GW College Democrats with me, in Hoboken. Yay, I like when more fun people move to Hoboken, plus I so rarely bump into GW people. Cool.

Goodnight weekend.

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