Thursday, August 26, 2004

Yummy Goodness

Yeah, it's another blog post. I've of course been trying to think about what I really want to be doing. The direction I am going now with my job and spare time is into the entertainment industry- working at a Commercial Film Production Company and working on a sitcom and working out some kind of new comedy group- but I had gotten this idea in my head for the past few days about going to grad school for Philosophy and the idea of doing that is actually perking me up and I am really liking it. If I could get into NYU's PhD. program that would be so super fly. Their professors are those whose published works I have already read and are such modern greats, like Nagel and Dworkin. But reading course descriptions I wasn't sure if I could be really ready for it, but then I started reading different papers online from the program and I am smitten by their yummy goodness. I have just read about 3 or 4 just now and I am eating it up.
Tasty bits

I had always thought that being a professor might be boring- but hot young smart people exploring my most favorite topics- awesome! Plus I would have a chance to write books and things like that. I obviously enjoy sharing my thoughts, and being able to research topics and write would be so great- and then maybe I could go further and express the ideas via film or comedy. Maybe then my mind would actually be fed by something and I could be inspired enough to produce the things I want to produce.

So what's my next step? I think I'll just take the GRE's- I'll prepare a little, but I won't spend money on a course. And then I'll just apply for next year and see what happens. In the meantime I'll keep at this job and continue pursuing the comedy stuff. But this would give me something bigger and better to look forward to, and I always want bigger and better- which is ironic cause I haven't been to into black dudes in my past, but ah well. Plus I think I would totally rock a brown courdoroy jacket with leather elbows.

This picture has nothing to do with anything but I like it.

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