Sunday, September 19, 2004

Drunky pooos

It was a loverly loverly sunday. I usually don't post drunk, but I figure why the hell not. I just smoked a little pi omega theta and I am feelin cosy here on my bed with my laptop. I had a good weekend. Thankfully enough there was a lot going on Friday night in Hoboken cause it rained so much it floooded and I wasn't going alll the way into the city. Went to some parties, but I totally forgot about this one- and that was the only one with food at it! Boo! I suck!

Then Saturday, hmm, I ended up at Bowlmore Lanes or whatever that disco bowling nightclub is near Union Square. Oh yeah, and before then I had explored a Hoboken liquor store with some nice young men, and discovered a favorite rare beer was in stock there, it's Dixie Crimson Voodoo- a red/amber brew. And it kicks ass. Y'all should try it. Anyhow Satuday was fun

But the highlight of my week must have been today. Sun was out- Hoboken arts and music fest was here and it was sooo nice. Yummy food, yummy people, and yummy beer, and yummy music. There was a really great band playing Phish and Coldplay and Radiohead and som DMB, and it was such perfect music on a Sunny Sunday with beer in hand. The only shitty thing was this one super annoying guy who hovered over me and for the entrire 4-5 hrs I was there he asked me the same 3 quesitons about 50 times it was so insane. I kept turning away from him and stuff and we ws all bouncing around and I swear he asked the following 3 questions over and over and over:
What is your full name? Where do you live? and Do you like this band?
He would seriously repeat the same one back to back to- like Where do you live? . . . Where do you live?
This boy sucked hardcore- and crazy enough, he was actually good looking. Too bad he was a total retard.

There were lots of cute peicdes of ass. So I decided I am goint o be totally unavailble and just dating only. I don't even think I want to give second dates and I don't even want to sleep with these dudes. I just want assorted eye candy and entertainment on a daily basis. And some making out cause kissing is super fun. Does that make me suck? I dunno, maybe. Why should I care? I believed in someone and he turned out totally sucky and let me down and I have no reason to expect anyting from anyone.

Party. Party hard. I have no school and no reason not to fucking party like a college kid every night. Woo fuckin hoo.