Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Guten Tag.

Cute Little Baby Bunnies? Goood.

These fucking things? Bad.

There's lots of good comedy shows going on all the time in NYC, but once in a while there's really great ones that I will shell out extra dough and cancel things to go to. This time I can't- I got rehearsal. But for those of you who can do something this Monday, Oct 4- here's a fantastic show I promise you would love:
This star-studded evening will include live and pre-taped performances from the Cast of Avenue Q, Performers from Mad TV, Julian Velard, Demetri Martin, Ed Helms, and many more . . .

This morning they are filming another commercial outside. It's for something financial. You always know a shoot of come kind is going on if you see a blue or white tent that says "Kits" on the top of it.

Anyhow I've been overcome with more anxiety lately than I'd prefer to tolerate, it's a combination of a few things. But as I was feeling stressed and sort of serious, two things back to back helped wipe the slate clean, at least for a few hours. First, while on the subway those fucking kids who ask for money in a brain dead monotone voice for their "basketball" team came on and started doing their spiel- but this time was different. The kids started saying "Hello, I am here selling peanut m+ms but I am not selling them for my basketball team and I am not selling them for charity, I am selling them for me and my friends to keep us out of trouble and off the streets . . ." And his delivery was deadpan, quite good- so yeah, that totally worked on me. I bought some m+ms. And they made me laugh. And as I exited the subway car there was this Ad of Al Franken for his news show where there's talking bubbles on it and someone wrote in it in marker "I shove hamsters up my ass". Ha! Brilliant! Just thinking about that makes me laugh. One of my most favorite things to do is deface magazines and make them say stuff. Haven't done that in a while, what a shame.

So yesterday was the first day I tried the full day of work followed by full evening of rehearsal, and I was fucking madly exhausted! But I like that I had something going on to make me exhausted. I just love having something to challenge me. This script is freakin amazing though. Any History or Political Buff is gonna enjoy this. There's all these facts my character knows and spews out, I feel like I am getting a history lesson. There's a lot of talk about the Regan administration and the Clinton administration mostly. It's all facts, and then you've got these fictional characters that basically represent political figures in society today and observations are drawn about them that you can easily apply to what's really going on in the world.

Ever get so sick of walking places, you just want to be there already and you're not even late or anything, you just start running? I do that sometimes, I get bored of how long it's taking me, bored of the walk. So then I run with a panicked look on my face like I am running late so it's my excuse for running without exercise clothes on. Plus it's fun to play pretend.

One last note, I think Michael Showalter is hilarious and with this cast, this movie is going to be good and nice n silly:
The Baxter


And I'm also really interested in this Movie: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0358273/

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