Sunday, September 26, 2004

Heather Fink: Actress?

Yeah, so I haven't "acted" in like 2 years or something. But yesterday while at my parent's house I get this phone call from this woman I know, Judy Klass, who is a playwrite and she's like "I have this play going on and we are casting this role I think you'd be perfect for." Me? Hmm, wow, I haven't auditioned for something in years. Me, an actress again? Well, it's not everyday that someone calls me and wants me for a part, so I figure, hell yeah I'll try out for it. So I get my ass up this Sunday morning, make my way into the city, sit before this other director guy that I don't know, and take the script in hand and read. Then he tells me to read her monologue. I take a minute to read it over, and one line in, he says stop. I was like, ok, that's all? He's like, yeah- you can do this, you don't need to read anymore, you got the part. And it's the lead!


And I love the script too, it's gonna be a really entertaining play. It's going up in the end of October in a political theatre festival. It takes place in the South and there's two candidates, and I play this Mary Matalin type who goes down there and is this guy's campaign manager. It's actually really cool- the lines are rich with relevant modern political commentary. One guy's a Clinton type, the other is a Bush type. And I get to be the Democrat, yay! And there's a romantic interest for me, yay!

Gosh, so I haven't acted in years and I have this huge freakin part to memorize and it's going on at the end of October! But this is just what I needed. It's just so silly though, I can see life kinda grabbing me by the balls and pulling me around saying- hey you- no law school for you- you go be an actress right now! Actually this other guy said to me who's in a band he might be looking for a female singer . . . I did sing for a band when I was a freshman in high school . . . Anyhow, I am really happy to do creative things again, and this guy is a great director and really into the "art" of acting so I think I am really going to enjoy this. BTW it will be playing on Tues early evening, Thurs, Fri and Sunday nights the week of Oct 26-31, with a special pre-election night performance Nov 1, Monday night at 8pm. Thankfully there's no rehearsal or performance on Oct 30- the Saturday before Halloween, most surely a great party night and the evening of my Kill Bill Costume debut.

The play is called "Damage Control".
Get Schedule and Tickets CLICK HERE!

This weekend we threw my sister a surprise party for her 30th birthday. It was so cool! I never threw one before and I don't think I ever went to one either. But I was responsible for taking her out during the day and back to the house and we totally had her fooled! She thought noone was doing anything for her birthday and was kind of sad about it, but ha! We surprised her and she loved it, she was just so happy and it was great to do this for her. It was also fun being all sneaky, like when there were cars parked outside I was like, I guess the neighbors are having a bbq, but of course when she heard the noise in the back she knew something was up . . . fun!

So it was a good weekend. And I spent some time in some beautiful nature. It's really pretty right now in my home town, some leaves are changing a bit of color, and even in Hoboken on the waterfront today it was just so lovely. BTW- that new place Trinity is such a great spot to sit on a nice day, and there's this really cute place that opened next door, both with fantastic waterfront views of the city. But unfortunately sometimes it's a bit depressing being around so much beauty and not having anyone to share it with. But ah fuck, I always try to do cool things by myself, I really gotta get back to the happy single Heather that I was for so long. Sometimes it's just so hard to get people off their asses to do anything other than party and drink.

Anyhooo, have a nice Sunday evening people!

A pretty day in Hoboken . . .

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