Monday, September 20, 2004

Hormones Speaking? Yeah, I think so.

New feature for this week- photo of Holland of the day. This one is of Alkmaar, famous for it's cheese festivals. That's right- festivals dedicated to cheese and all the happy feelings that cheese brings.

As far as mainstream rock goes, Chevelle isn't bad. Check out their new video:
"Vitamin R" The lead singer had a Maynard-ish voice (tool).

I feel so weird physically at work today. Not sure if it's because I have a hang over or because I stopped taking the pill. Yep, that's right. I am so sure I am not going to be doing the Humpty Hump I gave up on the BCP.

Finally at work we went into production on a commercial. Since I've been here we've only been doing pre-production stuff so I've been waiting to get into the juicy good stuff. And it's ohhh so exciting, a paper towels commercial. YYAAAAAYYY! I absolutely love absorbent papers. It's right up my alley. My other intersts include hydrogen peroxide and fabric softeners. God how scary would that be if you met someone and they told you their interests included absorbent papers, fabric softeners and hydrogen peroxide? Well I most certainly would say to that person, "What the hell is your problem", and then push them down on the ground. They would deserve it after all, their interests are far too eccentric for me to allow them to stand in place without giving them a proper shove.

And now as I type I realize why I haven't allowed my blog to take a more humorous direction. I think it's because my humor is weird, and I feel that I may alienate and frieghten some readers, and the last thing I would like to invite right now is concern about my well-being. Why I'll tell ya one of my least favorite questions is are you ok? It's just such negative attention. I like positive attention- like someone who doesn't suck buying me a drink, or maybe giving me hugs if they are the sort of person I would like a hug from.

By the way, this video is mildly amusing. It was made by this group that includes Matt Walsh of Daily Show/ UCB, Todd Barry, Jon Benjamin of Home Movies/Dr Katz and some other guy. I do not use xtc, nor have I ever, but I appreciate this short movie: It is kind of sad though how all their videos are only mildly amusing considering the creators. It should be immensely amusing, don't you think?

Just got back from the San Genarro Festival in little italy on my lunch break. Ugh, I just ate nasty overpriced ultrafried clamari. I only went there really cause my one boss was all about it and if I didn't go, he would be all "How was it" and I really don't like lying, not even about stupid stuff like that. Ordinarily I really like these kinds of festivities, but there were just a bunch in Hoboken so I am kind of eh about it. But there were these 2 gorgeous NYC cops that were talking to me, and I am such a wuss cause I did something I do a lot- as soon as I can feel someone might ask for my number I sort of cut things off and say- Nice talking to you, bye, and dart off. But then I thought, gosh darn it, they were kind of delightful and cute, and it would be a fun little adventure to date a NYPD officer- but maybe not as fun as I might imagine, I've heard the handcuffs are actually quite dirty and should not be used "off duty". Either way I don't know which one was cuter. One was blond hair blue eyed frat boy looking from upstate new york, and the other was a dark haired heavily accented long islander. I don't have a penchant for either of these flavors, tasty as they may be. I like spooky looking intense crazy mother fuckers- like Trent Reznor, Vincent Gallo, and Gael Garcia Bernal- oh and Benno F├╝rmann.

Here's my mini hotness gallery:

Trent Reznor

I don't know what mister Reznor is wearing here but it seems to be rather perfect attire for sitting on his lap.

Vincent is even hot when he wear's women's undies. What talent!

Hot enough to make you gay, Gael is gonna be Che Gueverra in the upcoming Motorcycle Diaries.

And Benno, my favorite German, you can see him in my 3rd favorite movie, the Princess and the Warrior. BTW did you know that German men are the hottest of all European men? I didn't expect it, but that was the opinion I formed upon visiting a few countries in Western Europe.

But don’t listen to anything I say here about what I want as far as guys. I have no idea. I really think all I want is adventures. I can’t settle down at all until I have more adventures. But of course I really miss having someone to share my down time with, like watching tv and stuff like that. That’s my favorite cuddle time. I guess that’s all me and my last boyfriend did. Just cuddle time. He wasn’t fun at all. So boring and didn’t really do anything. But he was very skilled at cuddle time. That’s when he really shined. Maybe I will just vicitimize one of my friends and use him for this purpose. But actually I think a better plan would be to find some devastatingly gorgeous stranger who doesn’t seem terribly dangerous. Then I could make him sit in my bed and watch Apprentice and the OC and Adult Swim with me for hours and hours!!! Yay! And then he’d blow me! Yay!

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