Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I like this clock.

DAMMIT. Fuck you Pitney Bowes! You call here at the office all the time and I tell you we do not want your postage machine! We do not want your free trial of your postage machine or informational booklets on your postage machine! No you may not talk to the boss, yes I am the office manager, and no even if you call back we still won't want your fucking machine in this office! We don't even use the US Postal Service, we use bike messengers and fed-ex. I hate you Pitney Bowes! Bugger off!

This still from Rules of Attraction (another movie that is a member of my top ten list for its innovative storytelling method, sweet camera work, stellar directing, good writing and talented ensemble cast) captures that perfect stillness I so enjoy at the end of my day, beer or wine in hand, flat on the bed, zoned out, with or without the company of the television.

And last night on my television was the finale of Amazing Race. It is indeed Amazing. Thank goodness one of the teams I liked won. Last year this team won that had this evil chick on it who was mean and bitchy. There was this other team that almost won this time that had the most evil boy I've ever seen on reality television. His name is Colin, and he likes to scream a lot and bitch a lot and be mean to his girlfriend- but she's a dumbass for not only putting up with it, but most recently accepting his marriage proposal. And he's totally not even hot. He's gross. But he was fun to watch freak out. No, instead this team I liked that was a black married couple of parents won. I loved it cause the dad, Chip, looked a lot like a huggable George Foreman and he was so overcome with joy and crying. It's got to be the best prize to win because it takes so much to win it. It was kind of funny too that the well known Christian models didn't win, cause the guy on that team kept saying "If we win, that means Jesus is on our side and Jesus is behind us so we will have victory" and stuff like that- but they didn't win, so um, what's that say . . .

Oh yes, fuck yes I will sit on that lap of yours.
(pics of the amazing race star Brandon)
But either way, thank you Jesus for this hot dude being so hot, in leather suspenders- that's cool . . .

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