Thursday, September 23, 2004

I wanna Kill Bill as well.

This is the smaller Dutch city Enschede, in the province of Twente on the border of Germany. This is where my family is from and my momma grew up. That is the church in the center of the city and at night it fills with people on terraces and out and about. Enschede is also where the super yummy beer Grolsch is from. People from West Holland typically favor Heinekin, but the people from East Holland show some loyalty to Grolsch. But what I really love is Dutch Wittebier, White Beer. If you've ever had Belgian Blue Moon or Hoegaarden, that's white beer you can find in the US. Try it with a squished up lemon in it, or try a "snowwhite"- half white beer and half 7 Up. Which reminds me of a yummy Irish beer cocktail- Black Velvet- it's half guiness and half champagne and it's surprisingly great.

Out on the terraces in Enschede . . .

Anyhow, back to Enschede. This is a small town that I have my best memories of. I really miss my grandparents house. We drove past it the last time I was in Holland and it's weird that this family house now has someone else's family, and I didn't even grow up there. Holland was kind of like New York was to me growing up because it was always this magical place where you'd go on all of the special occasions. Unfortunately if you do a google images search of Enschede you see a lot of fires. That's because there was this big explosion at a fireworks factory a few years ago and it was a huge tragedy. My cousin's home was all f'ed up and a lot of people died. I remember that morning hearing news that there was an explosion in Enschede and having this awful uncertain feeling.

Which reminds me of the morning I heard about the Seton Hall fire. That was probably the worst news I ever heard on tv because I had to wait so long to find out if my boyfriend at the time was ok. At least when my mom was working at the World Trade Center during the 93 bombing, I found out in just minutes that she was fine. But that morning with the fire, I turned on my tv just getting ready for class, and I see my boyfriend's dorm on fire, and the report that more than three boys had died in the fire. I hadn't heard a thing from him and it had happened hours ago. No email, no call, no IM. I called his mom, she hadn't heard from him- nothing. So I just left the phone on and went to class. An excruciating 2 hrs went by where I thought he really could be dead. Ugh it was awful, your mind races in those times- thinking about their funeral and all of that.

But he was ok. Turns out that he just didnt contact me because he didnt have his phone or computer because he had to evacuate the building. But you want to know something about that fire that didn't get much publicity- For about 2 months before this fire, some upperclassmen were pulling the fire alarms in all the freshman dorms every night around 5 or 6 am as a prank- and nothing was done about it. It happened all the time. So some of the deaths and smoke damage was caused because people thought is was another hoax and they just stayed in bed. The exboyfriend didn't even get up he told me until he heard desperate screams from girls who were screaming for their lives. That fact has always pissed me off.

Anyhow, want some happy thoughts? I'll give em to ya.

I am enjoying learning this industry more and more. By the way they are doing some filming for TLC for the next 2 days in Hoboken on Washington between 6th and 7th Aves. They are rennovating this old toy store "Big Fun" next to Sullivans. And also tonight a friend's band is playing at Farside on Washington Street in Hoboken and I think I'll check that out. They were playing there this past Sunday at the Hoboken arts and music fest and are really quite good- they play stuff like Weezer, coldplay, phish, other good stuff. So I reccommend stopping by there if you are a Hobokener.

Oh yeah, so back to me liking the industry. There's this really amazing studio right in Hoboken that does in house special effects for anything from movies to commericials, and specializes in commercial production, which is what I work in right now. I was there yesterday and the studio is just beautiful and I think I might pick up some extra night and weekend work there, which I am more than happy to do. I was actually talking to the producer guy there, telling him how I was interested in film school because I only really know Final Cut Pro, but he said- hey- a year working here will teach you all you would learn in film school and you get paid for it. Cool. I like this.

And I also like this:

My boss told me that he saw a Uma Kill Bill costume in the window of a store in the city and he said he thought I would like it. Hell yeah! I wanted to be that last year for Halloween but instead I had settled on being Zool- from Ghostbusters when Dana Barret is all in that Red dress thing. Granted this costume is not nearly as cool as this one:

But I have a feeling the cheesy spandex one is a lot more affordable. And I've been searching for the black and yellow shoes from Onitsuka Tiger- the coolest shoe company ever. Their website is really cool too, read about their history- it's really pretty damn cool.


Now thaaaat's more like it . . .
must . . have . . outfit . . Now!

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