Thursday, September 02, 2004

I want my Old MTV circa 1988-1996 . . .

Wow, an Aeon Flux movie is being made? Awesome. And she's being played by Charlize Theron, who's in the news for getting injured on set.

I used to love MTV's liquid television- they used to show crazy shit from Bill Plimpton cartoons to early Beavis and Butthead. I really miss old MTV shows, of course "The State" most of all, which will be releasing all episodes of the show on DVD in the coming year (YES!!!). Also Buzzkill, House of Style, MTV Sports with Dan Cortez, 120 minutes, The MTV Oddities like The Maxx, The Head, all really great stuff. I even kind of liked that Clone High show and Singled Out. I also miss the old cool cartoon commercials, and Louie the Cab Driver. MTV used to seriously be cool. I miss Duff the VJ, and Bill Belamy. Back in those days the MTV Beach house really was the coolest place on the universe. And oh yeah, the Jon Stewart show and Andrew Dice Clay. I watched early MTV a whole lot cause my sister was a teenager in the late 80s/early 90s, and I remember she used to have me memorize who sang what cool songs on the radio and when she had parties in the basement, I would be allowed to come down there and then I would say the names of stuff- basically you would be watching an 11 year old girl say stuff like "That's Metallica's Enter Sandman". Of course I think the songs were even older than that.

But actually I am fondest of the MTV that was on in the middle of the night in 8th grade when I first had a TV in my room and I would stay up all night watching it and talking on the phone with friends. That was also back in the day when me n Dara liked to light stuff on fire and melt things because we thought it was funny. Beavis and Butthead and Ren and Stimpy were great inspirations to us.

Best lighting stuff on fire story from me and Dara:
We used to go back in the woods where there were railroad tracks and light various stuff on fire. Now remember this is in the days of Nirvana, skateboarding at the mall, Beavis and Butthead, and all the other kids did it too. Plus we weren't into boys and makeup yet. So we lit something on fire, I think it was a plastic figurine of some kind, and we put it out, but then we noticed that some leaves caught on fire, and there were all these dead leaves under the railroad tracks that started to catch on fire, and we started to see it spreading under the track in a straight line, and I turned to Dara and screamed "Oh fuck, what do we do what do we do!!!"

And so I was looking around for something to do, and I saw a plastic bottle down by the stream, so I went to fill it up with water to put it out. As I walk back with water in hand, there's Dara, squatting above the small fire, trying to pee on it. (Unfortunately Dara's plan didn't work, but the water did.)

Anyhow, I really must get on watching some movies. So far, my boss has gotten To Live, Shanghai Triad, The Emperor and The Assassin, Temptress Moon, Ju Dou, and A Pure Formaility. The last one he is most excited about me watching. I suppose this job is serving as a little bit of film school. It's definately a different environment than anything I've ever known.

And I really hope to go out tonight. Last night there was fun to be had but I was really really feeling sick and exhausted and just passed out.

And I forgot to mention- the Bush Twins speaking the other night, it was hilarious, and it really gave me this feeling of embarrasment. It would suck so bad to suck as much as they do. I thank god that I am likely to never have to have a conversation with one of them.
If you're ever looking for a good reason to shoot yourselves, this would be it. . .

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