Thursday, September 30, 2004

It's a Beautiful, um, Overcast, Day

Let me just say that this morning I start off feeling quite well. A complete psychopath out there had been harrassing me for a little while now, and basically, someone has helped put a a stop to it. Sigh of relief!

And I'm buying me some tickets to see Jimmy Eat World, since they're coming to NYC wooha! I saw them once before and they are just super fantastic. People say that our generation has no Led Zepplin or no Beatles, or memorable greats. Well it's not possible for any artist to be a next "Beatles", besides Elvis it's just not possible to be more important to Rock and Roll. But I think today's greats are a bit different. Today's big ones can include those who've hit MTV popularity, like Alanis or Dave Mathews Band, but more so I think it's those who have massive fan bases that are mesmorized by that artist's music. In the past decade or so, some of the most influential have been popular enough to make it to MTV, but aren't really embraced by the mainstream- and sort of go back and forth from being 'mainstream' to 'underground'. Like Radiohead, Tori Amos, Phish, ugh so many. Like Coldplay is legitimately huge and talented, but even so, I don't think there would be Coldplay without Radiohead before them.

Anyhow, Jimmy Eat World has been around for a while. You could put em in a nutshell and call them emo/indie rock- their first shows were all with the punk crowd- touring with groups like Face to Face n stuff. But they really had (still have-I hope-with their new album coming out) a very unique sound. The last 3 years of new emo/indie/rock has really borrowed that sound. What is unique and interesting about their sound has been adapted to bands where every song of theirs sounds the same and has that sweet Jimmy Eat World sensibility. I really do think they are responsible for a good deal of what we hear out there. Anyhow, I look forward to seeing em. They are so worth it.
Click here and see "Pain", their newest video! Yum. It's good.
(PS- if you never heard them before, There's also "Lucky Denver Mint" live on the website- Their most mesmorizing track. I was fortunate to hear a friend's LP of that and I played that mofo like 100 times over!)

That's the cute one in the band. In person he looks like a hotter version of that toolbag Carson Daily. . . Carson Daily reminds me of Mark McGrath and President Bush. Both will really say anything they are told! (In sounding like somebody behind the camera's puppet)

One last musical musing. . . you know how some bastards out there will take just any song and put inane dance beats behind it? Like this one dance beat that came straight out of some kid's electronic keyboard in the basement? Well I challenge those mofos. I thought of one band they can't do that with. Imagine Nirvana- maybe trying to put "rape me" with dance beats in the background. Now that's a project I should put together. Or somehow fuse the beats from Haddaways "What is Love" with some Dillinger Escape Plan or Norma Jean. Now we've got somethin special . . .

Um, ok, I guess I have to like, work and stuff . . .

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