Monday, September 13, 2004

A joyeous gift to you

Ok blog readers, I have a special treat for you this morning. It is a Borat Sound Board: "Yes 3" is one of my favorites. And "Chair joke", ah dang, they're all good.
Season 2's is even better! Just wait for it after the little video intro, and then get ready for tons of fun. My favorite, is "How do I get my wife to stop and do a rape on me" and "Ice, Gypsy Catcher, Animals".

You're Welcome. And if you don't know what Borat is, find out.

And last night I was chillin with a friend and she was like- there's other Heather Fink's? And I was like- yeah, just see on google. And not only did I show all the other Heather Finks but there's some chick out there with Ha! Sucks to your assmar! (Lord of the Rings reference)

But aside from links to this website and other school related stuff I have done and transcripts from CNN of me asking questions on Crossfire, I found one other very strange thing- on someone else's website out there where there's a picture of me from high school on it and some weird ass questionaire.

This picture was taken on the day of the Senior Auction in high school. Isn't it kinda crazy? All black and white and artsy looking? Definately didn't know it was being taken. The senior auction is a fundraiser where people buy you as a "slave" for the day and they make you do silly stuff. It had been done for years, and I think our year may have been the last year as much of the resulting behavior was too hot for tv.
So anyhow- does anyone out there know what the fuck this website is all about?
All the other people on there also went to my high school.

And I found this essay I wrote back in the day about boob jobs. Man, college was kind of easy.

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