Wednesday, September 08, 2004

LBI, Labor Day Weekend

So I was invited by a young fellow named Ben (who is one of the nicest people EVER) to visit for the weekend at his super amazing LBI beach house. I brought Maria, and we were both so very happy to have the chance to spend Labor Day Weekend there. The place was so great, when the weather got crappy on Sunday and the beach was nothing but 5 foot waves and wind, as a backup plan we had the hot tub on the roof to enjoy. There's so much to tell, like how there was a lot of cooking going on, and a cat that jumped up on the neighbors roof, but I think maybe you had to be there. Highlights include learning of this amazing liquor "Amarullo" made of these weird African fruits that tastes kind of like Baileys and I recommend it to all.

Damn, I just realized some of my pictures didn't upload properly last night. Well here is a bit of em (by the way, I use a free server, so if they aren't coming up now, just try it again):

The house.

That's the view of the bay from the back of the house.

A sunset on the bay behind the house.

This was at the bar "the Ketch". All these years my family had been going there for their lobster specials and dinner, I never knew of the madness that occurs there at night. And it was really pretty fun. I usually hate dance clubs and things like that, but everyone was in such a happy mood, it was fun. I like the silliness of the glowsticks and things like that. And then a pretty good cover band came on and played songs like NIN Closer, and Linkin Park and Modest Mouse. I was entertained. And oh yeah, it was a pajama party too, and I'd say about 20 people followed along. Some girls were running about in panties as some boys wore flannel pants. And something was being filmed there too. Not sure what.

This is the Nardi's party bus. The driver is an official "cool dude". If you are ever in LBI, there's this free bus that will pick up your drunk ass and drive you around so long as you buy a drink at Nardi's at some point in time.

This is just some guy on the party bus. He was only mildly belligerent, but much more tolerable than the people making out. The people making out weren't that hot and I think they would've been more tolerable if they were hot.

This is us at the beginning of the night when we weren't drunk yet and we were just peacefully sitting on the back deck of the place. That's Kelly on the left. She's from Toronto and she is interning at ABC's 20/20. And then there's Ben. He was our host and without him there wouldn't have been any festivities. And then there's Maria and me. I always close my eyes in pictures cause I think it brings out the square quality of my head. Actually I wish I didn't, but it happens that way. At least I don't spontaneously puke in pictures. I would like to say that all of us look better in person. That's a pretty bad picture. So I'll say it. We all look like- totally super fantastic in person.

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