Thursday, September 16, 2004

New Blog?

So now gone are the feelings of sadness, missing, loving, agonizing, and all of that good stuff. I really feel nothing for that ex of mine now. What I am left with now is simply shock. Shock that the whole thing happened. Shocked that I ever new him. And very- what the fuck was that??? We were actually about to live together! And especially- what the fuck was I thinking- seeing as how yesterday he made sure to stress- "I just value modesty a lot- Modesty is something that I look for in a girl." PUKE! What kind of mega lame dork do you have to be to even utter a sentence like that! Modesty? You've got to be kidding me! Modesty isn't sexy, it's valueless- and overall freakin unimportant in the scheme of things. What's important- oh, I dunno, how about kindness, honesty, sincerity, brevity, being considerate, open, adventurous, respectful maybe- but modest! Ugh, so backwards. That's like a red flag that a man is more concerned with having his peice of meat behave and curtsey than talk. Or at least that he wants to be in a situation where he can wear all the pants. I just can't believe that I was with someone who epitomizes all the things that I despise in the world, most especially being mediocre. The thought aggravates me!

And moving on- I considered, hey, why don't I start a new blog for a new me. But I kinda don't feel like it. Whatever. That was all a long strange trip and also fairly entertaining. But I do need to update my links. I am afraid to change my template though cause last time I did, I lost my comments. Plus I have this blog linked to of one of Brian's friends he used to fuck and I kind of don't want it there anymore. Cause she pisses me off too. She like saved conversations that I had with her on IM and reported them to him. Ugh! Pathetic. She is so totally in love with him. This kid has a magical skill of somehow making the world bend over ass backwards for him. Maybe it's cause he looks so sad and pathetic you can't help but sympathize or something.


A new day
There's a film crew in the office this morning. (some) Actors are stupid. BTW They are filming a commercial for payless shoes down the street. This one actress just started changing and taking off her clothes like right in front of me, I looked up as she stood there in panties and was like "Oh, sorry" and she's like "I'm in a hurry". Oh, ok then.

I am going to start casting for the stuff I'll be shooting soon. Next person I am lookin for- a really really skinny actress with a great screen presence and who's good at emoting via facial expressions alone. Also, a young, attractive black male with a "mos def" like quality. Are any of you out there actors? Email your headshot/resume to .

ABC is made up of a bunch of sick ass mofos.

Dude- what was up with the fact that Mike Seaver's friend was called "Boner"? Isn't that weird? Like weirder than being Dutch . . . ?

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