Thursday, September 30, 2004

The Rain in Spain

I love being inside when it rains outside. It just calms everything, it's the perfect time to turn everything off, music, tv, and just be peaceful.

The rain in venice . . .

But this evening will not be peaceful with the first pre-election debate. I've purposely tried to step as far back as I can resist from everything that's going on. I am disgusted with the shape modern American politics takes, with how commercialized and image based everything is. The ancient greeks despised Democracy- I think Plato called it the "tyranny of the majority", part of the inspiration for his Republic. And of course we don't actually live in a Democracy, we live in a Republic as well- not ruled by "philosopher kings" unfortunately. Ours is ruled in such a way our representatives have become puppets of the popular. So yeah, the tyranny of the majority sentiment seems to loom omnipresent over all things important in American life. There is no real man or real individual for us to elect. I truly think that Kerry can do a fine job- but more so as an employee of the United States than a great president such as Jefferson or Clinton.

But hell yes I want you all to go vote Kerry. He is most certainly going to approach his job with some kind of intellegence and insight, and he really has been a good Senator. I wouldn't say great though. The greats have taken a step back it seems lately. After the whole Gore fiasco it's amazing anyone will step up to the campaign plate. It really takes a Clinton to outsmart them all. And of course I hate the world as run by Bush. I hate what our country has become. It truly has taken a turn for the worse in those certain respects in which the President has influence. I don't really care to go on about why I think that, but I do.

I can't believe the election is coming up. I feel like such an audience member lately, in my life as well as in the world. Just a spectator as grand events occur before my eyes. I have no pull, no control. I have hope, and who knows how powerful that can ever be. I've thrown my heart in enough things that spit in my face and discarded my energy, that I am thankful I can still care about things without being padded by paranoia that things will never turn out right. I was extremely upset when Bush won in 2000. I even forgot my boyfriend's birthday (it was the day after the election).

Sometimes I think that life is a stuggle to be alive in society. That is celebrity- to make a thumbprint on the world outside of yourself. We perhaps have a desire to become famous, known, or accomplished simply so that we can say that we were here. Hell, there are those of us who can't achieve this in the long term so we will just scribble "so and so wuz here" on any tree or bathroom wall we can find. But maybe that's all it comes down to. Beyond the great journey of expressing one's talent, moments of personal glory materialize when we are finally appreciated, acknowledged, - known. But back to politics, we all have feelings, or we should, about what is happening in the world, what should happen in the world. But we all drown in the anonymity of our own thoughts, so far removed from having any baring on the world we live in. But it's just so difficult to see that some men do directly have a voice in the world. But they can go on speaking and speaking as their words shape our tomorrows, while all we can do is sit back and watch.

So watch I will this evening. I don't have high expectations whatsoever.

Una Pura Formalita

So I finished watching "A Pure Formality" by Guiseppe Tornatore- director of Cinema Paradiso (I actually didn't like that one so much- but it's a classic). Fucking fantastic. Great directing, writing and acting. It's got 3 main dudes in it. Gerard Depardieu, Roman Polanski, and this other guy- Sergio Rubini who had a smaller part but really stood out to me. He's an italian actor and he's starring in a new Italian movie with another W.O.P.(yes it's a friggin joke) Raoul Bova who has made a stink in the US for being hot and being in that lame looking movie "Under the Tuscan Sun".

The movie is so great. If you can see it, don't read the review on IMDB, it would ruin the movie for you. It's got a Memento/fight club/sixth sense quality about it, and you really don't know what the real deal is till the end- I didn't expect it to be that kind of movie with a twist, cause it was good without it, but of course much more meaningful with this whole twist. Try and find it though. My boss had a hell of a time tracking it down. Worth the search though.

I'm also looking forward to this movie: The Brothers Grimm
Not just the cast (Damon, Heath), but most especially since Director Terry Gilliam of Monty Python writes and directs it (his writer director credits include Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Twelve Monkeys btw . . .). And it sounds cool.

Cest La Vie folks.
And don't forget, Sometimes there just aren't enough rocks.

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