Friday, September 24, 2004

Recent Photos update

So, recently uploaded from the digital camera: (remember, I use a free webserver, so if they don't show up, just reload, they'll come up later)
Last Friday as I left work, I was surprised by a group of Mariachis hanging out on the street next to a limo. A man was proposing to his lady. So I snapped a picture of the fun:

BUT then they turned around. They started posing and insisted that I take more pictures, and that I also join them for a group photo:

And then it got much more fun. Although I was wearing a bland ol grey t shirt with hair pulled up, I don't know if they thought I was famous or something- I don't know what it was cause they didn't speak english- but they each started taking out their own cameras and each individual one was asking to take a picture with me one at a time. I found myself having to pose with each one, and all these onlookers were looking at me all crazy. It was an interesting moment to say the least.

Here's a pic from this weekend's Hoboken Arts and Music fest:

That was from inside Farside where this band plays on Thursdays, and they are good. I was actually supposed to go last night but after I put on a towel to go get in the shower I sat down on my bed- and didn't get up, just fell right to sleep instead. Anyhowz, I went there to meet up with Tiffany:

and I got really drunk, and she went to work. Ugh that stupid sweater looks all big and stupid on me. I need to buy clothes that fit but I ain't got no cash! (PS- saving money tip, I discovered a 30 cent NYC breakfast- a banana, topped with this peanut butter which isn't mine in the fridge at work)

And if you're a good-day new york fan like myself, you might appreciate this photo of weatherman Mike Woods on the street in Hoboken a little while back:

And here's the carpenters/on air talent working for the TLC show filming in Hoboken:

I'm supposed to have a drink with them after work today. I do love carpentry as I was raised on building sites- mommy was a builder back in the 80s. The one on left is kinda cute in person anyways. I can't help but like a man who can work a screwdriver.

And yes, I splurged on the Kill Bill costume. It is mine. But I figured it's worth it cause I'll totally wear that jacket on other days. Did you know that the design is actually a Tarantino copy off of an old Bruce Lee movie? It's true.

And I found this silly little script online:

Finally, we've been doing casting in the office for this new commercial. Casting is fun. Most of the actors suck so bad it's really funny to watch. But I liked trying to spot the good ones. I actually picked the winning male lead correctly. Yay I know how to cast! I want a medal!

So I'm going to Roxbury for most of the weekend. I think I'll try and see Motorcycle Diaries. Is it weird to get hot for Che?
Also of interest to me is this movie:
Shaun of the Dead.

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