Friday, September 24, 2004

She was right all along . . .

This is a pic of the beach Scheveningen. It's basically the beachfront in Den Haag, the Haague- where the world's International Court is, the Vreidespaleis, or peace palace. This beach is really cool because you can kind of see in the picture that there are these outdoor bars right on the beach, and some of them are really amazing. Some had hammocks and loungy pillows, little fires to sit around, all were really cute looking with an urban outfitters feel to the decor. And you could just have dinner right on the beach. And they also had massive trampolines on the beach too. All around nice.
More Scheveningen:

There's lots of cool old postcards of this beach on the net. Here's one:

Moving along . . .

So most of you who know me know that I grew up with my paranoid schidzophrenic grandma for many years, or at least starting with my freshman year of high school. And she used to come downstairs and rant and rave about a variety of things which were really quite funny. See when you live with someone crazy, you quite quickly stop feeling sad or bad about them and learn to try and have a sense of humor about the whole situation. I mean, you know it's not changing, anyhow . . .

Good lord, turns out grandma was right about something. One afternoon as my friends Joe and Dave were sitting in my kitchen and I think we were eating or something, grandma came downstairs and started raving about "The Icebergs". She had gotten upset about the icebergs before but this time she was especially concerned.

She said that the icebergs- meaning glaciers, were melting at an incredibly rapid pace and that we were all going to die if they weren't stopped. And so she was saying to Joe and Dave that they better get ready, because they are strong young men, and she was telling them that they had to take a helicopter up to the icebergs and chop at them with pickaxes to break them up. She was really quite emphatic about it, going on for about an hour so she could convince them to go get the icebergs. So Joe and Dave told her that they would see what they could do about it. But we didn't take her seriously, and look, she's right!
Study: Antarctic glaciers melting faster

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