Monday, September 27, 2004

Yo, stress, How you doin?

Zaanse Schans is this valley in North Holland near the sea where they get lots of wind and have the most windmills. I remember driving with my cousin across the countryside, past mills and canals and pretty things and having her teach me Dutch. Amongst things learned was how to say that I am romantically in love with the cows (pardon my spelling) "Ik ben veel lief van de kuiyen" or interchange kuiyen
with kippen and you are talking mad crazy chicken love.

So on with the blogging . . .
Arg! I am stressin! This is a mad huge part in this play and it's more than I've ever had to memorize in my life and I only have a month! Well I guess it's kind of good I am stressing out cause I am studying like a mad woman. So yes, I will, I MUST memorize this AND do well. I don't want to suck. That would be bad.

And I finally got an answer to my morning mystery. I take a shuttle bus from where I live to the PATH station in the morning. While on the bus the driver's speaker thingy started saying "all buses exit the port authority now, drop off passengers on the street, exit the lincoln tunnel" and this concerned me, and later on I checked out news and heard nothing of it. But on the radio they just said there was an underground fire. Trains are shut down from Newark, NJ to New Haven, CT, buses aren't running. PATH is running but it will definately be all backed up and crazy. That's it- I'm not going home and back before rehearsal definately. I guess I'll just hang around the office or visit someone. But I suppose I'd like to avoid the evening rush hour today . . .

As I do love former "The State" members, has anyone noticed David Wain's commercial on MTV where he's an industrial sales rep? Pretty funny, keep your eye out.

David Wain

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