Sunday, October 10, 2004


So last night's Yankees/Twins game was the kind of game that a sports hater like me could truly enjoy. I really enjoy how those Yanks can come up from behind, and it's really damn cool and a lot of fun to watch. I mean, when they got all tied up 5-5 with that big ol hit that got lots of home runs at the perfect opportunity- don't expect me to know the damned lingo- but you know what I'm talking about. I loved it. I really do not have a favorite team. I am an "undecided voter" when it comes to watching the game. The Yankees won me over in these last few come from behind games.

And this is happening again:
Yankees vs Red Sox
And here's my take on that match up. Sox fans bitch all you want about your curse and how the Yanks got all this money and power and they're so hard to beat. But I say, Red Sox, you fucking suck it up and beat them already! You've got nobody to blame but yourselves and I would be entertained by a Red Sox win, but if I have to hear a repeat of the curse docudramas all over again, I am going to lose sympathy completely. Show us what you can do, Red Sox. And to the Yankees- make em sweat, make em work hard, make these some damn good games to watch. Cause yeah, honestly, I am partial to neither Red Sox nor Yankees. Sorry, ok? The only team I love doesn't exist anymore, and that's the Brooklyn Dodgers- which by the way is the baseball hat I would try to score if I was a boy. An oldschool Dodgers hat would be super fly.

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