Saturday, October 02, 2004

A beginning of weekend to be proud of . . .

Some weekends it really seems like there's nothing to do, which is why it's refreshing to have a weekend jam packed with fun. I imagine it's only this way because my schedule is busier, and of course when you don't have much free time, that's exactly when your friends decide to give you that call out of nowhere and out of the blue something cool is going on.

I basically stopped myself for a moment of appreciation at the beginning of the night. I had already been having such a nice time, I was able to say- well- if I was still in law school, I wouldn't be able to just go out like this for this much of my day and evening, and if I was still dragging Brian around, I also probably wouldn't be enjoying myself so much out and about on my own.

I met one of my buddies from GW who now works in the city after work. We got some Ethiopian food- which I haven't had in over a year and is not only yummy but fun to eat (order chicken 'tibbs' if you ever go) and we split a nice fat bottle of South African wine. And we got drunk. And he was one of those friends with which my talk becomes extremely filthy- and I am not talking flirting here. For some reason I have certain friends with whom I talk about disgusting stuff with. A highlight of the evening was him revealing that he had had sex with a beautiful prostitute in Amsterdam- his take "I mean it's legal there, they're clean, it's regulated, I figured I was there- I had to try it". Hey, that's awesome, so long as you aren't my boyfriend of course . . . but still, an entertaining fact. But maybe not as entertaining as my friends back in college got these 2 DC hookers and brought them back to their frat just to party and not have sex. They were really not having much fun despite what some 80s movies may lead you to believe would happen if you party with hookers.

Anyhow, after that we got these massive cups of coffee with liquor in em at some cafe and yummy crepes and then I went back to Hoboken fully drunk around 11pm.

And out of the blue my best good friend, Dara, calls up, says she's in Jersey, and we gotta go hang out in the city. Sounds good. So I drunk shower, we drink more, and thoroughly wasted by 12- I really didn't think we'd make it into the city.

But sure as fuck there we were again- in what I found to be optimal partying time, from 1-4 in the morn. We hauled our asses out to 2nd ave and 53rd to some place with a rooftop deck. And we were in good moods. When I walk into a room I scope it out to make my pick of which one I think is cute. This time there were 2 I noticed. One was a cuter version of Brian (I know I'm fucked up . . .) and one looked kinda like Adam Brody (Seth from the OC). I don't even know if the Adam Brody look alike was cute but I just fucking love Adam Brody so damned much I thought this guy was awesome. But I didn't end up talking to either of these guys. Instead I was really drunk and made funny little faces at them while they talked to other girls and make lewd gestures with my tongue. I guess I figured I was safe cause they were all talking to someone else with no excuse to leave. I figured there would be no actual conversation.

And then this guy sits down and starts talking to us. Now this happens every time a young lady goes out, but holy fuckin A, HE DIDN'T SUCK! It was unbelievable. The more I talked to him, the more he didn't suck and had things to say that were interesting. I couldn't believe it. I was totally not saying anything cute, I was just being as big of an asshole as I could, giving him a hard time and imitating Borat from Ali G, answering what I do for a living by saying "Gypsy catcher and camel puller . . ." and crap like that- and he loves it, and loves Ali G too- a prerequisite in a man. And he was really cute. He had a solid frame and a great face, cute eyes. Not tall, though, but still good looking anyway. I ended up "gone wild" and totally made out with him at the bar. Just kissing but still, I've been such a prude lately, with maybe one or 2 exceptions, this was a big step for me. So yeah, it was a fun night. I couldn't fucking believe I found someone at a bar attractive- I mean personality too. That never fucking happens to me.

And I got a jam packed schedule this weekend. I am seeing some of my favorite friends and I don't think the plans I have for the evening will dissapoint. I just hate when there's nothing to do, it's nice to have all the days of my weekend be good, and not just save it all for like one night. I even have my Sunday night timeslot filled. Huh huh, I said "slot".

Single plus New York really can make a lovely combination.

And oh yeah, I bumped into 2 different people last night who were telling me how they read this blog. One was this person I hadn't seen in like 2 years from GW, who told me it was "depressing", which was "depressing" to hear, and the other was this weird kid who knew someone from law school and was holding these 40s and gallavanting about the streets of Hoboken. Now, I talk to all these people who read this thing. How come so few of you post comments? Are y'all shy, embarrassed? Don't be. I may bite, but it's a nice biting.

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