Thursday, October 21, 2004

Bravo Red Sox

Mmmm pancakes.

I do recall saying in an earlier post that the Red Sox should stop their bitching and just win already. Well they did, and a series like this couldn't have been fucking scripted. This was great television, the greatest most amazing stakes. Honestly, I either wanted them to fail miserably after that 3rd game, or to win it all as they did. Cause either scenario is I guess the extreme of both ends. If they had lost yet again so poorly, I would expect that they'd be doomed to years of undeserved admiration cause they are pathetic and miserable with unparralled self-loathing. But they won.

And it's cool, and it's rewritten history. If only the great sports writers of the past were around to throw their romanticized prose into the mix. The ones that back in the day would recite sports poetry on radio shows, when people couldn't see it on tv.
As far as the living sports writers, there's Roger Kahn, here's some of his great sports quotes:
"A major league baseball team is a collection of 25 youngish men who have made the major leagues and discovered that in spite of it, life remains distressingly short of ideal."
"Football is violence and cold weather and sex and college rye."
But anyhow, back to business. Are the Red Sox no longer the sad underdogs? Surely if they win the World Series they won't be. But as far as the nation is concerned, this experience is just as good an ending to the story as any. They have won. Who cares about the damned series, eh? Will anyone hate Yankees any less? Will people appreciate how good the Yankees are and what a fight they gave the Red Sox? Will people appreciate the fact that if it wasn't for teams like the Yankees, there wouldn't be teams like the Red Sox? Well either way, they performed, they showed what they could do. They put aside bitching and moaning, didn't let their beating wear them down, and they showed us all what they could do. You just have to respect that. But maybe they are so into getting their asses beat, that Game 3 was what fueled them for this sensational finale. Who knows. But the documentary filmmakers out there are all creaming over this. Expect like a hundred new ones to be spewed out and played on Sunday afternoons.

But there's a more important Bostonian that I need to win. John Kerry. I will cry big tears of joy and shower in champagne if he wins. I want it so bad it makes me sick to my stomach to even think about it. Honestly, that's why I don't campaign anymore. I care too much, it hurts.

Anyhow. Let's move on.

One of my bosses (I have two, cause one's a producer and the other is a director and they do different projects) is going to Italy, and he had told me since I started working here that maybe we'd go shoot a project out there and I could come. But that project fell through and he's going anyway, and he invited me to come, and I'd be paid for work anyway. Now this sounds really freakin cool. A chance to go to Italy and be paid- wow. But, since there isn't work to be done, I am not sure how I feel about it. Is it weird? I am not sure if I should be excited yet. But Tuscany, um, I'd love to. And it would be in November already. What do you all think?

And it's just so weird how fast my life seems to be going lately. It's just so crazy to me that I used to work so so hard for everything I've achieved, and lately things are falling into my lap. I mean, I had never gotten a role in a play, that comedy group, or into law school without some struggle, some odds stacked against me. But everything is just different for me now. Opportunities have been falling into my lap like crumbs off cookies.

Yesterday I met this delightful playwrite/actor who was actually a little /psychic. After chatting with him for just seconds, he knew I was a Gemini and he guessed my exact birthday. Wild, huh? And I am studying my lines and he asks me if I am an actress, and my answer is "sort of, but I am more interested in . . .". By the end of the conversation I have this damn good, fresh, modern play in my hands, he's interested in me to act in it, and help him turn it into a screenplay and help produce it. So, I've already got more creative stuff to do after this play, wild, huh? I'm happy about it. This guy was really delightful, a British guy- just so much fun to listen to. You know, every time a guy finds out my favorite movie is Terminator 2 they just go nuts. But I only tell it cause I have such a deep love for that damn movie. But man, every time.

And even this morning, I met another delightful guy, when I got my coffee. You know, every bartender and waitor in this town has a story. They are all more than what meets the eye. It's fantastic. It's almost absurd how many great people are here. And I want to talk to all of them!

Tonight I have plans to attend an seemingly small gathering of chaps for a SoHo bar crawl. I suppose I will be crawling, even before I drink, since I am gonna have another long and draining rehearsal after work. Last night's rehearsal felt great though. I really hadn't been enjoying it too much lately- it's really hard work, and I hadn't felt much of any reward from it lately. But last night we were all completely off-script for the first time and I saw it all come together, and began to really feel the "poignant" moments much more deeply than before. I enjoyed it. But by the end I am mentally drained. Whatever, I gotsta have fun tonight cause I don't know if I can go out Friday. I'll be getting out of rehearsal really late n all. But who knows, I am not good at staying in anymore.

Blog readers. I love you all. I appreciate you. You tell me who you are sometimes, but then you are too shy to leave comments. Perhaps you are a special group of people- elusive, brooding, you like your coffee strong and hard and black. But you maybe think leaving comments isn't cool, and that it's for dorks. Well it is for dorks, but I am a dork, and it feels good to be sometimes. Try it. You may like it. Even if it is under an alias.

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