Thursday, October 28, 2004

But there's no mention of the Commodore . . .

If you take any pleasure in this, then you will surely enjoy the:
Best link ever.

Fucking thank god and finally those Red Sox won. And I think we all just wanted it to happen so damn bad already- hence the sweep. And the World Series was just so boring compared to the thingy before with the Yankees and Red Sox. I just wanted to see the scores already. But that's it for me and sports at least for now. Get off my damn tv set. I am ready for the O.C. baby. Bring it on full force. I'll be damned if watching Adam Brody, Rachel Bilson, and Peter Gallagher on the tele isn't just the most delightful thing there is. Ok well maybe getting blown is the most delightful thing there is.

Got another show today. And we have to cut some lines for this show cause last time we went over 15 minutes and another play was on after. We don't have to for the other shows cause we are up last on the nights. But today, we have to do some butchering. I hope it doesn't suck. But there are many lines to choose from. The freaking show was 2 hours and 15 minutes long- but hey, there was intermission. For anyone coming to the show- I encourage you to pee before it starts. Last time it was all over the seats. But I guess that's what happens when your audience is filled with puppies. Puppies just LOVE political satires. You can't keep them away from the theatre around election time.

We always got a line of these damn things out the theatre for miles. But don't worry. Today I bought puppy spray. It's a mix of Mace and Chanel Number 5. That'll take care of those puppy bastards.

Oh god do I hate myself for saying that.

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