Thursday, October 14, 2004

Heather the Hater

There's all different kinds of haters, playa haters, Yankee haters, woman haters, Eskimo babies haters. But today I'm an ex-boyfriend hater, a Red Sox hater, and a South hater- all related in one obvious way, but still, worthy of my hating on an individual basis.

Correction: I had gone on about hating some things, but honestly I don't totally hate these things and I don't really like putting all that hate out there. I mean, I'll think the stuff I wrote, but in writing, it all just sticks around too long, SO- I am deleting it- but I will keep my opinion of the Yanks-Sox game. But even still, I don't hate the Red Sox. I pity them. And Yankees are underdogs in a different sense cause it's oh so cool to hate on them.

There's Tuna Haters too.

For about the past week or so I've been able to see with renewed clarity all of the things I hated about my ex. I even started to remember moments when he was such a jerk I was ready to dump his ass for being such a jerk. These are moments I almost totally forgot about. I find now that when I focus on these things, and feel that he totally sucked and I'm better off without him, I still miss what we had. I've just never been that close with someone. Having someone there constantly, eating, sleeping, going to every class at school together, and having him as a good friend like he was, it's easy to miss that. Sometimes when I am resetting my alarm clock so I can sleep a few minutes longer, I still think about having him there next to me, telling me to get up, giving me a hug or something before I go in the shower. Someone there to kiss to wake up when I'm out of the shower. Those moments before bed when neither of us could go to sleep. But that's more what we had than who he was. Because of these things, it's very easy to give him much more credit than he's ever deserved. But then again, there were still those times I had cried myself to sleep while he was on the other side of the bed, because he was being such an asshole.

(hating deleted)

Fuck it, I've decided- Yankees all the fucking way. What they are doing is just beautiful. And anyone who looks at their money as their secret to success is a dumbass. All these big teams have tons of money. If they really wanted to buy A Rod, they could've found the money. I don't doubt that for a second. I think it's the attitude and history of the Yankees that makes them win. And I understand the allure of rooting for the underdogs, but these Red Sox underdogs are just bitter whiney little bitches. And that comment from Pedro- pure stupidity. And the Yankees are hotter. The Red Sox just aren't a fun team to watch, and they complain too much. If they had a winning attitude, I think things would be different for them. But they are losers, still bitching about some curse that's like 80 years old. Plus the Yanks are skilled and they actually are able to entertain me, a girl who for all her life has treated sports on tv like some sort of evil infestation of my tv box. Go Yankees! I love New York! It would be so awesome if they won 2 more games in a row, but of course, I do think the Red Sox will win at least one.

If I were these people, I'd be mad at the Red Sox by now. Rise up, followers! Rise up against your oppressors!

In other news I am rooting for the Cardinals not for their skills but because they are pretty birds and I hate Texas but only because of George Bush and bad hair.

And quite honestly, I don't like the south either. I never have and I suspended judgment while dating the ex. I mean, some parts are pretty, a nice place to visit, good high cholesterol food, and I don't hold it against people for being from there. But these are people who will listen to crappy country music. Bad country music is totally way worse than bad pop music (but in fairness isn't worse than bad R&B). And they think it's legit to put "Christian" and "Rock" in the same sentence. Like there isn't something hella lame about Christian Rock. Why can't these bands just be made of Christian people rather than labeling their music by an ideology? There's no Pro-Choice Rock. I mean it's just stupid.
(hating deleted)

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