Friday, October 22, 2004

"How to" be sexy, for boys.

1. Don't shave your pubes. Please don't. Just trim if you must.
2. Wear boxers or boxer briefs or nothing at all. Only cowboys look cute in tighty whiteys.
3. Get all shy and embarrassed easily.
4. Have a sport that you like. Even if you are artsy, know some requisite boy things.
5. If you can pull it off, have stubble, but goatees suck. Mustache and beard.
6. Have soft, messy hair.
7. Wear college boy clothes- dirty, worn, messed up jeans, oh and I really like when boys wear a short sleeve shirt over a long sleeve shirt. Dunno why, but I do. And cute sneakers. Definately sneakers. And have beat up hats. Smelly old casual beat up clothes are the best.
8. Wear manly smelling deoderant instead of cologne. Works like magic.
9. Argue with me!
10. Have a cool scar somewhere. Battle wounds are hot, even if the scar is actually cause you tripped over some bullshit and fell onto some other kinda bullshit.
11. Somehow accidentally lift up your shirt, like when you are taking off an overshirt or you are reaching for something, or scratching your belly. Let me see that happy trail.
12. Yes, have a cute happy trail. It's a happy trail cause it leads to happies!
13. Do something really cool with yourself, or unique or something. Watching you play a sport, perform on a stage, perform music, or whatever else you do, is tha bomb diggity.
14. Have a third testicle.
15. Smoke "the other white meat" occasionally, but not cigarrettes.
16. Drink beer. Good beer.
17. Watch Ali G, and know what "the State" is, and like cats.
18. Let me know, in your own special way, how bad you want it.
19. But then act like it's no big deal.

Now of course, sexy can still be there without all these requirements, cause sexy is as sexy does, and can defy all the rules if a boy has got it all right. Oh, and don't have a third testicle.

I have a hangover. Only 3 drinks- but I guess they were big and filled with vodka. Went to a weird place too- it was like a trendy lounge with video projectors, red, weird lighting, typical city stuff- but it was a burger place. People had little trendy trays of mini burgers and fries sent to the table (they were really tasty) and there were little anorexic girls in stupid clothes actually sitting around eating burgers and fries. Hmm. Maybe they were bullemic. Perfect establishment for the bullemic out on the town.

I need to buy new lip gloss. Mmmm lip glosss...

Oh yeah, and we had our first rehearsal in the theatre space. Typical tiny little run down times square theatre. If it's not broadway, I tell ya, all theatres in the coveted times square/broadway area are little cramped peices of shit. I guess they are all on a budget. But the bar/lounge and offices are really nice there. The theatre on the other hand, they just don't seem to throw as much money into. Well it's not that bad- but for people who haven't seen small productions in NYC, you might be a little WTF about it.

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